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We break down the pros and cons of each cinema illumination source to help you make an informed choice for your next equipment refresh.

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Let’s explore the features, benefits, and limitations of each cinema illumination source – Xenon, RB laser phosphor, and RGB pure laser.

As a cinema exhibitor, you’ve never had so many illumination options. Careful consideration of your options before you decide the right solution for your cinema is crucial. We explore Xenon, RGB pure laser, RB laser phosphor.

Click the illumination option you want to explore or any of the specific benefits below to compare them. We’re starting with color, contrast, and brightness, but there are many other key factors in your decision that we’ll explore soon. Be sure to check back often.

As the industry continues to adapt and innovate, we’ll continue to update this site and expand on the information available. When you’re ready to decide on the best solution for your cinema, we’ll be happy to assist.

Choose your illumination

Each illumination option has its strengths and limitations. This site compares different types of cinema illumination, if you want to know more about a specific type of light source, you’ll find all the information you need here.



Xenon lamp projection holds an unequivocal place within the cinema industry as the key that unlocked modern cinema. With recent advances in cinema projectors, it now retains its spot as a reliable, familiar option with a relatively low entry cost.


RB laser phosphor

RB laser phosphor cinema illumination uses laser light sources in combination with a spinning phosphor component to create the white light required for cinemas. Currently, three types of laser phosphor systems (RB, blue-only, and RGB) are available to the cinema market.

RGB Laser

RGB pure laser

Let’s explore the benefits of RGB pure laser. This illumination type uses dedicated red, green, and blue lasers for more brightness, more color, more efficiency, and more accurate visual representation. As the industry continues to innovate, RGB pure laser has solidified its place as the future of cinema illumination.

The benefits of each illumination source

Discover how each illumination source compares to the other. What’s most important to you when choosing between Xenon, hybrid, and RGB pure laser illumination? You can find all the comparisons here, whether you’re looking for brightness, color, contrast, or operational efficiency. We’ll continue to roll out new pages every month.

Brightness degradation

Color and contrast

Operational efficiency and environment

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