SDVoE Alliance

Founding members working together to usher in the shift to AV-over-IP

AV-over-IP. Video-over-Ethernet. Ethernet-based AV.

Whatever you call it, the transmission and processing of audiovisual content over IP and Ethernet networks is poised to disrupt AV distribution. Using mature, affordable, off-the-shelf 10G Ethernet components, system designers are able to create limitless networks capable of transporting, processing and controlling uncompressed, zero-frame latency, artifact-free video content in a variety of AV applications.

The SDVoE Alliance

Announced at ISE 2017, the SDVoE Alliance is a non-profit consortium comprising several leading companies supporting the mandate to standardize the delivery of AV-over-IP networks. By developing and manufacturing Software Defined Video over Ethernet (SDVoE) products and solutions, founding members of the SDVoE Alliance are ushering-in the shift to standardized AV-over-IP and with it, enabling system design and performance capabilities that have never before been possible.

A need for standardization

The requirements demanded from today’s professional AV systems increasingly exceed the performance, scalability and budgetary limits that are capable using standard approaches. Transmitting AV signals over IP networks is mostly a messy, complicated and expensive undertaking.

As promising as recent AV distribution solutions appear to be, they represent a mishmash of expensive proprietary approaches that oftentimes fail to achieve the system simplicity and usability required by the proAV industry and its customers.

A new approach is needed

An approach that will serve audiovisual applications into the future by providing a standardized platform that provides an affordable solution enabling the networked delivery and processing of uncompressed, zero-frame latency, artifact-free video over IP networks. Acknowledging this need, Christie® has committed to reinforcing Software Defined Video over Ethernet (SDVoE) as this preferred approach.

Christie Terra interoperability demo

Karl Johnson of Christie highlights LANG-AG booth at ISE 2019 and explains the true benefit, interoperability, of our Christie Terra product.

SDVoE codec shootout demonstration

SDVoE Alliance President, Justin Kennington, demonstrates the performance differences between an SDVoE transport system and other leading compression codecs. Content is being outputted from a PC at 4K30 through an HDMI four-way splitter. Each leg of that splitter then feeds into a different encoder/decoder pair before being displayed. Take special note of the differences in video quality and latency of the different approaches.

AV and IT convergence

Imagine one network to design, install, maintain and manage content. SDVoE Alliance President Justin Kennington explains bringing AV and IT together on a single infrastructure over a 10G network.

Christie Terra

End-to-end solutions offering everything required to design and integrate feature-rich SDVoE systems that deliver the ultimate quality and performance.

Christie Terra represents an all-new AV processing and management solution for the transport of audiovisual content over 10G Ethernet networks. Comprising an expanding line-up of transmitters, receivers, processing and control hardware and software, Christie Terra solutions include everything required to design and integrate complete SDVoE systems for applications that demand the ultimate performance and quality.

Integrating seamlessly with Christie display and processing technology, Terra solutions are part of a source-to-display system that is high-quality, easy-to-use and simple to integrate. Backed by decades of expertise designing, implementing and supporting advanced networked-distributed processing solutions, Christie is committed to usher in this long awaited paradigm shift in AV systems.

SDVoE Resources

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Christie Terra Bites: Traditional networks vs SDVoE

A detailed look at the differences between traditional networks and SDVoE, illustrating how SDVoE can simplify and streamline AV system design, while also providing cost savings and future scalability.

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Christie Terra Bites: The 10G advantage

Once reserved for large organizations and data centers with demanding, high-bandwidth requirements and deep pockets, 10G Ethernet networking has reached the levels of performance, availability and affordability that make it a viable option for professional AV applicaitons.

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Terra Bites: Uncompromised AV-over-IP experience

The emergence of 4K@60 source signals has exceeded the signal capacity of many existing AV systems, so switches that can only support 2K@60 or 4K@30 are being upgraded on an AV industry-wide level. The most promising platform to migrate solutions onto is AV-over-IP.

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From tradeshows to training to demonstrations, the SDVoE Alliance is participating in various industry events to support the adoption of the SDVoE systems.

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The enhanced quality and performance offered by SDVoE systems benefit multiple industries, markets and applications. Find out how you can benefit from this platform.


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