Welcome to Expocine/21!

This year, ExpoCine /21 takes place at the new Cine Marquise in Sao Paulo - a fully Christie® equipped location! We'll be there to show you all the latest in cinema projection. And we have a lot to show you this year, from new CineLife+ projectors to the affordable, small screen RGBe projectors. Our rental program is finally here, so be sure to ask about it at the show. We focused all our efforts this year toward helping the industry reopen and helping make the best shared experiences better than ever.

See you in Sao Paulo!

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Tried, tested, and true

Xenon brought the digital age to cinema through Christie’s Solaria series. 65,000 installations remain in use today, and more Xenon projectors enter the market regularly. Christie continues to support this phenomenal illumination source and develop new Xenon lamps.

Check out our Xenon presentation by Christie’s lamp product manager, Jim Dukes for more information on the Ultimate Performance lamps and other benefits of Xenon cinema technology.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact your Christie sales representative.

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Perfect the art of cinema

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Stay up-to-date with the latest cinema technology

From the comfort of your own home, join Christie training manager Mina Elraheb as he walks you through everything you need to know about maintaining CineLife and CineLife+ projectors.


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Christie LOS technology

This 2-hour course covers everything from troubleshooting LOS to the theory of operation of this innovative projection technology.

Christie Mystique

This 1-hour course includes setting up Christie Mystique® software and answers your frequently asked questions.


A 90-minute deep dive into CineLife+, from the theory of operation to new features of this future-proofed projection technology.

Custom live session

To meet your company’s specific needs, you can schedule a live, online session tailored to your requests.

Thank you for attending Expocine/21!

This show marks a major step in the industry as we return to normal. We appreciate you and your dedication to cinema. And as the world comes back from this intermission and starts to fill seats once again, we will be right there with you, shining the way to the best shared experiences once more.

Our Christie® sales representatives are always available to answer your questions and chat about the state of the industry. As you look for better and brighter ways to bring audiences in, we’ll continue to deliver technology that loves cinema with innovation in every frame.

This show is just beginning. See you in the theatre!

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Christie D4K40-RGB laser projector

Innovation in every frame