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Reopening cinemas

Let’s laugh. Let’s cry. Let’s scream, gasp, feel those emotions together. Let’s light the way, rebuild, and overcome. Let’s bring cinema back.

First dates, opening weekends, birthday parties, movie marathons, a night out; cinema represents an essential balance for life. Its presence is essential. In a world full of change and worry, now more than ever, people need a safe and fun escape. Together, we can make sharing popcorn and a movie a reality again.

Mystique Cinema

Premium isn’t just large format anymore. Some venues grew to accommodate cars, some shrank to offer more personal experiences. Whether you need a high-lumen output Real|Laser projector for your drive-in, or a sub-15K lumen projector for your boutique theatre, that offers the best in business light source, Christie® supplies the CP4450-RGB and the CP4315-RGB, respectively. And they are both compatible with Mystique Cinema, allowing for 4K 3D 120fps playback. Like any good love story, show the audience the power of a perfect pair. Learn more.

Rental Mode

Offer renewed experiences to your returning audience, by giving them more incentive to return. Step into a new world of color and contrast with Christie Real|Laser™ – now simpler and more affordable than ever with Rental Mode. Our projectors are designed to be bright, our CineLife and CineLife+ electronics are designed to be brilliant. With the latest firmware, we are introducing rental structures to the industry, lowering up front costs of RGB pure laser illumination in time for your grand reopening. COVID was a catalyst for change, so we’re changing the heart of the industry into a new, more sustainable business model. Download the brochure.

Xenolite lamps

Tried, tested, and true on your screen. Xenolite lamps have and will continue to reliably output the light you need to give audiences the visual experience they’ve come to love. Knowing that many are carefully watching after their invested equipment during these times, we have poured additional efforts in R&D to renew the value in your Series 1 and Series 2 projectors to keep them running longer. Review our new Xenolite™ lamp brochure to find the right lamp for your projector and to learn how to optimize the lifetime and performance of your existing cinema projectors. No matter how you choose to light your cinema, we have everything you need to make sure your projector is ready for show time. Explore Xenolite lamps.

Professional services

The cinema experience is a gift to all those who seek it. It always has been celebratory. It has provided enjoyment and escape for nearly a century. We understand it. It’s why we aim to provide the best support and highest-quality service to all our cinema partners. From before your project begins and continuing even after we’ve met all your needs, Christie will be there so you can confidently be ready for showtime as audiences start coming back for popcorn, recliners, and 3D glasses. Around the world, we are ready to help you reopen. Learn more about how we’re dedicated to your success. Download the brochure.

We made it. Cinemas are taking the first steps toward reopening. Now is the time to make the changes to ensure cinema’s future. Join us in opening your doors and taking a deep breath, cinema is back.

If you need further support during your cinema reopening, let us know how we can help you by emailing

Checklist for cinema reopening

  •   Complete checklist for prolonged cinema closure
  •   Check coolant levels in projectors when applicable
  •   Inspect filters and replace as required
  •   Check/replace Xenon lamps that may be near end of operational brightness
  •   Measure brightness to ensure the system is meeting brightness targets
  •   Upgrade the booth equipment (Projector, Media Player, Automation System, Audio processor) to the latest software version (Refer to the Software release notes before the upgrade for additional details)
  •   Acquire KDMs to confirm encrypted playback
  •   Test run the projector replicating a day of use including automation
  •   Clear space for upcoming blockbusters
  •   Schedule a live online training session
  •   Contact technical support if you have any questions

Checklist for prolonged cinema closure

  •   Security FIPS technical bulletin
  •   Check/replace battery if necessary. Refer to technical bulletin for ICP, PIB, and TPC battery replacements.
  •   Test run the projector replicating a day of use including automation
  •   Power up projectors per our guide
  •   Weekly walk-around inspection
  •   Power on routers, modems, switches
  •   Update software for projector/IMBs
  •   Review online training videos

Warranty do's and don'ts

Follow the “Do's” for the longest lasting brightness from your Christie cinema projector.

Be cautious of the “Don’ts” to ensure you stay within the Christie standard limited warranty (Cinema)


  •   Keep room temperature: 59F – 77F (15C – 25C) for RGB laser
  •   Keep room temperature: 50F – 95F (10C – 35C) for Xenon
  •   Keep room humidity: 20% - 80%
  •   Minimize dust, oils, and other pollutants
  •   Use recommended exhaust extraction air flow
  •   Use a MERV A14 or better filtration system (RGB laser)
  •   Check high current connections regularly (Xenon)
  •   Update to the latest firmware or software
  •   Replace consumables on schedule
  •   Perform maintenance on schedule


  •   Don't operate lasers or lamp above 100% power
  •   Don't use software from unauthorized resellers or third-parties
  •   Don't use the projector outside its indicated purpose
  •   Don't modify the equipment
  •   Don't use third-party image correction technology
  •   Don't remove the serial number
  •   Don’t operate the projector without an air filter installed

Cinemas reopening