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Every cinema deserves some TLC

Technology that Loves Cinema inspires and engages moviegoers - and keeps your theatre running 24/7


The cinema market offers a unique shared experience for audiences. Families enjoy a night of fun entertainment. Artists thrive on immersive inspiration. People just love to engage in the larger-than-life stories. Cinema brings us together. We laugh with friends, cry with strangers, and feel a swirl of emotion generated by vibrant visuals and immersive sound.

It’s our passion to provide reliable, high-quality, cutting-edge solutions to theatres around the world. Christie people love the storytelling artform. We’re right there with you, at the concession stand snacking on popcorn, at the box office purchasing tickets, and in the auditorium finding the perfect seat.

We don’t simply build advanced cinema equipment to meet market demand, we do it because we want to experience movies the way filmmakers intend, just like you, and just like your audience. That’s why we build technology that loves cinema with tender loving care. Because all cinemas deserve a little TLC.
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New CineMaster cinema calculator

New CineMaster cinema calculator

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