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Specially designed for our Xenon-illuminated digital cinema projectors, Christie Xenolite® lamps set new levels of performance for digital cinema technology. Choices in brightness and power levels offer flexibility for screen sizes. With a range of lamp size​s that provide greater light output and longevity, Christie continues to meet t​he rigorous lamp requirements of exhibitors around the world.

Our new Ultimate Performance (UP) lamps make Xenon a strong option for modern cinema. The CDXL-19SUP, CDXL-21SUP, CDXL-23SUP, CDXL-30SUP, and CDXL-60UP are reliable for even longer and keep energy costs low. They're the perfect solution to increase the life of early Christie Solaria® models and enhance all the latest features in our new CineLife+® Xenon projectors.

Xenolite Champion lamp warranty

Xenolite Champion PLUS warranty

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Xenolite lamp brochure

Xenolite UP lamp datasheet

Why Xenon illumination?


Compatible with all Xenon-illuminated Christie digital cinema projectors used in the following applications:

  • Cinema/exhibition
  • Post-production
  • On-screen advertising
  • Digital film mastering
  • Multi-​media​​ theatrical productions
  • Other large entertainment venues

Christie projection and lamp pairing guide​

Christie projection and lamp pairing guide​

The chart below helps you select the Xenolite® lamp that works best with your DCI-compliant cinema projector. If you want a complete cinema projection solution, check out our new cinema projection calculator, CineMaster. It'll provide all the information you need to outfit our movie theatre with the ideal projection, lamp and lens combination based on your theater’s specifications.


Christie CP2308

Screen size: Up to 35 feet

Designed for seamless use with Christie CP2308 projectors, Christie Xenolite lamps provide high output and brightness in a cost-efficient, high-performance package.

Christie Xenolite lamp options



Christie CP2215

Screen size: Up to 50 feet

High-performance Christie Xenolite lamps are the best option for illuminating your Christie ​CP2215 digital cinema projectors and are designed to deliver mission-critical reliability.

Christie Xenolite lamp options


CP2220 / CP4220 / CP2420-Xe / CP4420-Xe

Christie CP2220

Screen size: Up to 70 feet

Consistent quality, 99.999% proven uptime, longer lamp life and lower operating costs make Christie Xenolite lamps and Solaria Series projectors a winning combination.

Christie Xenolite lamp options


CP2230 / CP4230

Christie CP2230

Screen size: Up to 100 feet

Christie Xenolite lamps can produce remarkable brightness and color consistency with excellent resistance to flicker, ignition difficulty and explosion. With this superior performance comes great return on investment.

Christie Xenolite lamp options


CP2420-Xe / CP4420-Xe

CP2420-Xe / CP4420-Xe

Screen size: Up to 70 feet

Our latest CineLife+ Xe cinema projectors are the only Xenon cinema projectors with Series 4 electronics, available on the market.

Christie Xenolite lamp options



Christie cinema lamp replacement videos

The videos below will guide you through the replacement of a Christie Xenolite® lamp in your Christie cinema projector.

Projector Lamp Replacement Procedure - English:
CP2208, CP2210, CP2215, Solaria One, and Solaria One+

Christie Cinema Projector - Lamp Replacement Procedure Video

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Projector Lamp Replacement Procedure - English:
CP2220, CP2230, CP4220, and CP4230

Christie Cinema Projector - Lamp Replacement Procedure Video



Learn about Xenolite lamp technology:

Christie Xenolite lamp brochure

Achieve powerful cinema projection with Christie Xenolite lamps.

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Xenon: Tried, tested and true

Why Xenon illumination is the preferred choice over laser phosphor for mainstream cinema.

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