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CineLife+ Series cinema projectors

Brilliant illumination, brilliant electronics. Unmatched cinematic performance.

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CineLife+ Series

Christie® CineLife+ Series cinema projectors feature ultra-fast Series 4 processing electronics. CineLife+ expands the horizons of cinema projection technology—initially designed for premium large-format (PLF) venues—by bringing advanced format capabilities to mainstream cinemas.

Christie Real|Laser and a streamlined UX-designed touch-panel bring the CineLife+ Series to the forefront of modern cinema. CineLife+ projectors are DCI-compliant, offer a new world of color and contrast, provide high efficiency and a long operational life, and reproduce 2D and 3D content at 4K resolution and up to 120 frames per second.

See the future with CineLife+ projectors! Originally built for PLF cinemas that offer 45,000 and 55,000 lumens, the newest Christie cinema projectors bring the most advanced illumination technology to mainstream applications.

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Christie cinema electronics platforms

Christie cinema electronics platform


Key features:

  • CineLife+ Series cinema projectors offer quick and easy setup: The auto-configure feature automatically adjusts settings for optimal playback when you connect different sources
  • Advanced format cinema: HFR support for 2K and 4K 120fps native 3D playback
  • Remote UI: Use a web browser to access the interface anywhere
  • Hyperrealism: New system architecture displays content without motion blur or artifacts
  • Ultra-fast processing: HDMI 2.0 and 4x 12GB SDI inputs for 1.06G pixels per second
  • Electronic Color Convergence: Provides perfect alignment throughout the entire image
  • PLF performance: The brightest direct-coupled RGB laser cinema projector
  • Long-lasting light source: For more than 50,000 hours of optimal performance
  • Rental Mode: Supports lease/rental-based business models

CineLife vs. CineLife+



Touch Panel Interface (3 connectors)

Touch Panel Interface (1 connector)

SDI inputs (0)

12G SDI inputs (4)

Rental Mode (basic capability)

Rental Mode with laser brightness limits

Pixel Alignment – manual convergence

Pixel Alignment - ECC + manual convergence

Standby Mode

Energy efficient Standby Mode

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