More than 250 Christie® D4K40-RGB pure laser projectors bring stunning, life-like visuals to Al Wasl Plaza's iconic dome.

Christie is the Official Projection and Display Partner for Expo 2020 Dubai.

Let's amaze
Let's amaze

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Expo 2020 Dubai has announced it will open its gates from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. With its theme 'Connecting Minds, Creating the Future', the global mega event will offer the world a unique platform to share the lessons, solutions and ideas for a better tomorrow.

See how we're helping make Expo 2020 Dubai a success with our updates on the progress at the Expo site, and learn more about how our solutions can bring your vision to life.

Bring us your big, your bold, your impossible ideas.

Through committed collaboration, we’ll work together to create a display solution that not only brings your vision to life in amazing detail but also works flawlessly day in, day out.


Christie at past World Expos

Christie has built a strong foundation as the leading technology provider at previous
World Expos, with more than 650 audio visual solutions implemented since 2005.

A complete solution for any application

With our expansive range of display, processing and software products, Christie is uniquely positioned to supply complete, integrated and custom solutions that work seamlessly together.

When you choose Christie, you're not just choosing a piece of technology. You're choosing the expertise that comes with 90 years of providing the most advanced display solutions possible.

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Product spotlight

Christie D4K40-RGB laser projector

Christie D4K40-RGB

Pure laser. Pure performance.
Pure excellence.

This all-in-one, 45,000 lumen RGB pure laser projector is the smallest and lightest, high-brightness, all-in-one RGB laser projector on the market. There are no heavy external chillers, remote laser racks, or special pedestals - everything is completely integrated into a single chassis.

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