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RGB pure laser projection

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Pushing the boundaries of color reproduction, brightness, image uniformity, and operational lifetime, RGB laser represents the pinnacle of projector illumination technology. Discover our RGB pure laser projectors.

Why choose RGB pure laser? What does it offer?

  • The most expansive color gamut of any projection technology. Colors are more lifelike, pure, and vibrant, making the audience experience more immersive
  • Consistently dependable illumination due to the reliable, solid-state light source and sealed optical light path
  • Best-in-class operational efficiency — compared to other illumination technologies of the same brightness, with lower power consumption, no filtered light, and no light wasted
  • Longest-lasting, lowest-maintenance projectors – with no phosphor wheel or other moving parts in the light path

252 Christie projectors envelop Al Wasl dome in light


Al Wasl Plaza dome, the beating heart of Expo 2020 Dubai, is lit up by 252 Christie RGB pure laser projectors

Rec. 2020 tech brief

A leap forward in color

RGB pure laser projectors have specifically chosen wavelengths that optimize the primary colors—red, green, and blue—to achieve the expansive Rec. 2020 color gamut, which greatly improves color performance. In fact, it’s the only projection technology that supports Rec. 2020.

With Rec. 2020, you get more than twice the color of Rec. 709 projectors and 41% more than DCI-P3 so you can better represent real-world colors and dramatically improve the audience’s experience.

Download the Rec. 2020 tech brief.

Are RGB laser projectors safe?

Laser illumination poses no more risk than the light from lamp-based projectors, it’s just regulated differently. Find out more about laser safety.

Christie RGB pure laser projectors outperform

Featuring our innovative laser illumination system architectures, including our proprietary all-in-one design with integrated cooling and sealed optical path, Christie RGB pure laser projectors outperform competing systems in their class. With Christie LiteLOC technology, color balance and brightness is maintained over time, regardless of fluctuations in ambient temperatures, so your content looks as good throughout the life of your projector as it did on day-one. Download our Christie LiteLOC technology white paper for more information.


RGB pure laser projectors

Perfect for live events, theme parks, planetariums, domes and cinema.

RGB pure laser projection in action

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