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Christie® Conductor is our free advanced monitoring and control software solution for Christie 3DLP® projectors1. With Conductor, you can monitor and control up to 256 projectors on the same network from your laptop.

Do it all from your desk with Conductor

Automatically power-up or -down projectors. Remotely access interrogator logs. Seamlessly perform repetitive processes. Quickly diagnose and resolve issues in real-time, even during a show. And with a glance at Conductor’s user-friendly interface, you can proactively perform remote firmware updates and health checks, to keep your projectors humming and reduce the risk of downtime.

Perform remote firmware updates

Automatically power-up projectors from your desktop

Key features

  • Health check and monitoring via list and status map – Conductor allows you to monitor and control up to 256 projectors1. With the user-friendly interface you can instantly see exactly which ones require attention.
  • Sort and filter functionality – Quickly identify projectors and view their power/health or shutter status.
  • One-click execution of repetitive processes – Streamline multi-projector system management and save hours of manual work.
  • Remote firmware updates – Make firmware upgrades of many projectors at once—in minutes instead of hours.
  • Remote power-up and power-down – Automatically turn projectors on and off.
  • View the Web UI for any projector – Access the Web UI of individual projectors from one central device.
  • Demo mode for training – Easily learn how to use the software.

1 Supported projectors: Christie Boxer® 4K30, Boxer 2K20, Crimson Series, 4K40-RGB models, Griffyn™ 4K32-RGB, Mirage SST, Christie Eclipse


User Interface

  • Microsoft Windows application

Projector support

  • Up to 256 projectors

Supported products

  • Boxer 4K30
  • Boxer 2K20
  • Crimson Series
  • 4K40-RGB models
  • Griffyn 4K32-RGB
  • Mirage SST
  • Christie Eclipse