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Open a world of creative possibilities

Christie Pandoras Box is used the world over in every application imaginable to enable the delivery of amazing visual experiences.

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Media servers and players

Pandoras Box award-winning media and show control systems

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The Christie Pandoras Box® family of hardware and software tools includes all the real-time video playback and processing you need. From project conception to realization – and every step in between – Pandoras Box gives users complete control over the entire workflow, maximizing efficiency while opening a world of creative possibilities.

With Widget Designer, you can build customized interfaces, or entire show solutions — even ones that can be securely accessed by visitors in a public space.

From simple, single display, fixed-installations to complex, live-event, multi-display projection-mapped spectaculars – there’s a Christie media server for you and your budget.

One powerful license to do it all.

With Pandoras Box Software, you’ll find an entire suite of features that turns any hardware system into a powerful media server. That means you can create anything you want, any time, with any hardware – and let your imagination take you wherever you want to go.

Whether for the stage, a broadcast set or an interactive museum experience, Pandoras Box delivers your creativity on budget and on time.

Part of a complete solution or a versatile tool on its own, Pandoras Box integrates with Christie displays and processing solutions to create an even more powerful platform for limitless creative potential.

What is Pandoras Box?

Overview: Christie Pandoras Box


What is Widget Designer?

What is Widget Designer?


Real-time video playback

10-bit color-depth, uncompressed,
up to and beyond 8K

All features, one license

Maximum flexibility and

Unlimited creative freedom

For every technical setup, centralized full show control

Powerful image processing

24/7 stability, 12x4K rendering and 
playback, Notch

Christie Pandoras Box products

Frequently asked questions

What is Christie Pandoras Box?

Pandoras Box® is a series of award-winning ProAV media server and multimedia show control software and hardware tools for projection mapping, real-time image compositing, and interactive applications. Pandoras Box is designed to integrate seamlessly with Christie® products, as well as third-party hardware.

Where are ProAV media server and show control solutions used?

Media server and show control solutions, along with real-time image compositing, are essential for live events, interactive installations and exhibits, projection mapping installations, and any other application that requires the coordination of lighting, sound, imagery, and visual effects.

Media servers are also used in ProAV solutions for museums, broadcast, theme parks, digital signage, dome projection, sporting events, and more.

What is a ProAV media server?

Media servers are designed specifically for ProAV setups. They are equipped with high-speed storage technologies, high-end audio playback, and render engines for processing uncompressed video content up to and above 4K and 8K resolutions.

What is show control solution and how will it enhance my project?

Show control solutions are hardware and software tools for coordinating and synchronizing multimedia elements of an installation, such as lighting, sound, video, and special effects. The result is a more immersive and impactful experience for your audience.

What does media server software do?

Media server software is a specialized application that enables the management and synchronization of multiple audiovisual elements in your ProAV project. The software gives you a centralized interface to control and automate lighting cues, sound cues, video playback, and other effects, ensuring accurate timeline editing and seamless transitions between the different elements. Mapping, real-time show control, and processing are possible in a true 3D or 2D workspace.

What are the key features to look for in a media server software?

Media server or show control software can be highly specialized and choosing the correct one depends on your project’s requirements. Common requirements for this software include synchronized playback, multi-user timeline control, uncompressed playback up to and beyond 8K, 10-bit color depth, real-time tracking, 2D and 3D mapping, and mixed-screen setups. Christie Pandoras Box® Software meets these requirements and more in a complete, flexible solution that reduces setup time and adjusts to any project.

What is Widget Designer?

Christie® Widget Designer is a node-based show control creation framework that lets you create dedicated HTML5 user interfaces and interaction logic. Its intuitive interface and simple scripting give even non-programmers the power to create truly immersive interactive experiences. Widget Designer is designed to communicate seamlessly with Pandoras Box® Software and any third-party device.

What is AirScan - touchless control

Christie® AirScan is a laser scanner device that measures distances in two dimensions, allowing for optical and contactless detection of objects, people, or their hands. It can be used for any touchless interaction with a display or a projected touch surface. When combined with Widget Designer®, you can quickly customize interactive displays. AirScan is often used for interactive attractions in museum exhibits, game shows, and theme park experiences.

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