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Laser phosphor projection

Laser phosphor meets Christie BoldColor Technology

What is laser phosphor?

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Laser phosphor explained

Laser projectors fall into two categories: laser phosphor and RGB laser. Although both use laser diodes as the light source, the ways these projectors make use of that light are very different.

Laser phosphor uses blue laser diodes exclusively. To generate the necessary red, blue and green colors, the blue light from the laser diodes shines onto a spinning wheel that is coated in a phosphor compound. The laser light excites the phosphor and produces yellow light. The yellow light is then split into red and green using a dichroic filter while the blue light passes directly through a diffusion segment in the phosphor wheel.

The separated red, green and blue colors are then sent to an imaging surface like a DLP® chip, which then sends the light through a lens and onto the projection surface. Since laser phosphor eliminates the need for lamps, major benefits include reduced consumables, lower maintenance and reduced downtime.

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Typical laser phosphor light path

Typical laser phosphor illumination

Christie BoldColor Technology

Christie® BoldColor is a patented technology developed to improve the color performance of laser phosphor projectors by producing optimal color balance without sacrificing brightness. This is done by adding red laser diodes as well as a patented optical chamber and specialized saturation software to produce enhanced color and saturation compared to typical laser phosphor projectors. The result is accura​te color reproduction for more true-to-life visuals. For more information, download the infographic listed below.

Christie BoldColor Technology infographic

What matters most to the ProAV community when choosing a laser phosphor projector? Find out this and more by viewing our Christie BoldColor Technology infographic.​​​

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Anatomy of a laser phosphor projector

Learn about laser phosphor projection and discover ​the top 10 advantages of this emerging illumination platform.​​​​

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Christie laser phosphor projectors

HS series 1DLP laser phosphor projectors

HS Series

The world’s brightest 1DLP laser phosphor projector at 13,000 lumens and Christie BoldColor Technology.

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GS series laser phosphor projectors

GS Series

Free yourself from regular maintenance with the Christie GS Series of lampless projectors – some models with Christie BoldColor Technology.

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Captiva series laser phosphor projectors

Captiva Series

Long-life, ultra short throw laser phosphor projectors.

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