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Caring for our planet

We’re committed to being a globally responsible business.


Sustainability is an integral part of Christie’s past, present, and future. We design innovative technologies with energy efficiency and environmental responsibility in mind, reducing our carbon footprint while maximizing performance.

Our practices incorporate environmental stewardship, compliance, product quality, safety, social responsibility, and strong governance.

Christie’s philosophies

Customer centricity

  • Understand our customers’ needs
  • Embrace solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations
  • Champion our customers’ growth and success
  • Enhance product and service quality


  • Focusing on people, climate, and community
  • Pursue social value
  • Develop a diverse workforce
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Support the communities where we live and work

Operational excellence

  • Pursue a collaborative approach to business planning and operations with our parent company, Ushio Inc.
  • Overcome barriers that inhibit us from creating the best-in-class products, solutions, and services our markets require
  • Continually navigate and establish process improvements


  • Espousing and maintaining the highest standards of ethical behavior
  • Promoting corporate integrity and transparency
  • Continuously striving to adopt “best practices” in corporate governance
  • Encouraging a philosophy of “continuous improvement” in codes, policies and procedures

Governance policies

Read more about the policies and statements that are part of our governing principles.

Our impact to date

19.5 GWh

Electricity saved

~ 2 million kg CO2

Less natural gas used

3.2 million kg

Waste diverted from landfills

14,000 m3

Less water used

Christie's sustainability history

Christie® and Ushio use the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as the benchmark for our ESG goals. Since 2004, Christie and Ushio have worked proactively on a long-term sustainability plan.

We implemented this plan in phases and surpassed our 2020 Environmental Action Plan (EAP) to become a global low-carbon, recycling-orientated, and biodiversity-preserving company. What’s our next phase? To develop an enhanced, broader eco-rating system aligned with industry standards to achieve our goals towards 2030.


  • Formed Christie Green Team
  • Began collecting environmental data in North America


  • Achieved ISO14001 certification for our main facilities
  • Created 3-year Environmental Action Plan


  • Joined InfoComm's GreenAV Task Force


  • GreenAV Task Force proposed providing LEED credits for sustainable AV products to USGBC
  • Worked with EnergyStar and TCO to create professional projector standards
  • Joined InfoComm's Standards Planning Committee


  • Awarded Canada's Greenest Employer by MediaCorp


  • Introduced action plans with CO2 targets
  • Added solar power at two locations in California
  • Completed LEED Gold facility expansion in Canada
  • Awarded Canada's Greenest Employer Award for 2nd year


  • Established Eco Score rating system
  • Awarded Canada's Greenest Employer Award for 3rd time


  • Established emissions energy management improvement at North American facilities


  • Established emissions for laser-based products
  • Started reporting product energy consumption
  • Formed ESG steering committee


  • Achieved leading energy efficiency in 3-chip DLP® RGB laser projection in lumens/watt
  • Introduced best-in-class 3-chip RGB energy performance laser projectors with reduced physical and environmental footprint
  • Launched sustainable packaging initiative


  • Broadened and aligned product improvements as per IEC 62075
  • Sustainable packaging improvements continue

We're lighting the way to a sustainable,
brighter future for everyone

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Our people

Our people matter, from employees to vendors to partners and customers. We identify six different areas where we can have a positive social impact: Employee relations, customer relations, community relations, human rights, supply chain management, and social impact.

Our people-oriented sustainability goals are focused on two key tenets:

  • Employee relations: Including fair wages, safe working conditions, training and development opportunities, diversity and inclusion opportunities, and employee engagement and satisfaction.
  • Customer relations: Ensuring our products and services are safe, reliable, and meet customers’ needs.

Our climate

Making sustainable choices is a top priority at Christie. Over 20 years ago, we formed a Christie Green Team to improve environmental performance and align with Ushio’s mission. We also began collecting environmental data at our North American facilities to improve environmental practices in our products, processes, procedures, and facilities. Since then, environmentally sustainable actions and landscaping have expanded to other sites globally.

To protect the environment, reduce environmental operating costs, and achieve continual improvement toward our 2030 goals, our current practices include engineering products with ECO-design to promote the development of green and super green products while continuing to provide market-leading value to our customers.

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Our community

We proudly support the global communities where we live and work and the industries in which we do business.

To do this we create and support local events and programs for environmental and social causes. In 2023, we launched Christie Ignite to support young, or “next-gen,” industry talent through events, webinars, free courses, and networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities.

Our 2024 actions


Maintain or improve the energy efficiency of our products and minimize the environmental impact of Christie facilities where possible


Ensure differences are valued, policies and practices are equitable, employees have a sense of belonging, and support our communities


Continue our improvement of practices, controls, and procedures

Our 2030 goals

Reduce our carbon footprint by 50%

Continue to achieve superior efficiency (lumens per watt) over our competitors

Continue to achieve year-over-year reductions in overall resource consumption (water, electricity, natural gas, and landfill diversion) or year-over-year improvements in the efficiency of resource consumption

Continue to collaborate on industry-leading or "best practices" for super-green products