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Maintenance services

Protect your investment. We’ll help optimize the safety, efficiency, brightness and lifetime of your projector.

Maintenance services

From preventative projector maintenance to light engine cleaning, Christie® maintenance services help optimize the safety, efficiency, brightness and lifetime of your Christie projector. We have the expertise, the tools and a state-of-the-art ISO 6 – Class 1000 cleanroom. We’re here for you! 

Did you know? Failing to perform maintenance services can actually void your products’ warranty. And all maintenance services must be performed by Christie accredited service technicians. Please refer to the user manual of your Christie projector for detailed guidelines. 

Preventative projector maintenance – available for all projectors

Our comprehensive preventative maintenance for Christie projectors includes:

  • A thorough inspection, new air filter, and any needed software upgrades
  • Diagnostic tests - We confirm convergence, verify color quality, test all inputs, check audio/video and computer imaging, test focus and zoom, and more
  • Thorough cleaning - We remove all covers and any dust from within the projector, clean the light engine, and lamp reflector if applicable
  • A full optical alignment and correction, including lamp adjustments, boresight, fold mirror and integrator alignments

Bring back brightness with 3DLP projector light engine cleaning

When dust and debris accumulate, your projector loses lumens. A clean light engine can bring back brightness! When you send us your 3DLP® light engine for cleaning, we disassemble, clean and reassemble it, thenrealign it to maximize light output. It’s only possible at Christie: Using proprietary technology and software, we also align your 3DLP chips and colors for maximum optical output. Your cleaned light engine leaves with a 1-year warranty.

Did you know? Even sealed projector light engines benefit from regular cleaning

Sealed light engines reduce the impact of dust and debris on projectoroptics, which in turn helps extend life. Send us your light engine for sealing. We disassemble, clean and re-assemble it, re-align to maximize light outputand then seal it for added protection. Your sealed light engine leaves with a 1-year warranty.

Note: Not all projector light engines can be sealed. Contact Christie Technical Support to find out if yours can.

Our promise 

During any Christie maintenance service, if we determine that any additional work or parts are required, we’ll contact you, provide a quote and estimated turnaround time, and only proceed with your approval.  

Onsite preventative maintenance you can rely on

We offer onsite field services for situations where shipping products to us for maintenance isn’t possible or feasible. In these situations, our Professional Services team will come to you for routinely scheduled visits!

Our service engineers will meticulously inspect, test, replace parts as required, and make all necessary adjustments to keep your equipment running at peak performance.

Need Christie maintenance services for your equipment? 

Contact Christie Technical Support today!