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Immerse yourself

Change the way you think, work and learn with immersive visualization experiences.


Explore, learn, share, communicate – visualization opens doors to new ways of thinking

Imagine immersing yourself in a 3D representation of the earth’s rock structures and visualizing seismic data. Imagine your team being able to interact with a 3D prototype of a car before it’s built. Imagine visualizing the design of a construction project before breaking ground.

With Christie’s immersive projection and display technologies, you can visualize and interact with your data in ways you may not have thought possible. You can enhance scientific research and infrastructure planning, accelerate product design and manufacturing processes and optimize oil and gas exploration by enabling faster and more accurate decisions.

Choose your virtual reality

Christie’s solutions allow you to scale your project to display high-resolution, high-contrast, color-accurate images across almost any surface to help you accurately interpret your data or immerse you in a virtual environment.

For simpler applications, our standard solutions offer the 2D or 3D technology you need. Have bigger plans? Working through our partners or directly with your team, our technical experts can match the right technology to your project and budgetary needs, engineering a solution of any size or resolution to meet your objectives. The only thing limiting you is your imagination.

Enhance design collaboration with Spyder's stereoscopic capabilities

Christie Spyder enables customers to take control of up to 80 million pixels across multiple displays with unmatched power and flexibility. Our solution is trusted by professionals for the most demanding applications and spectacular visual experiences. When leveraged in visualization and design, Spyder can take the experience to the next level. Learn more

A Christie visualization solution revs up product development at General Motors

The 4K powerwall revs up product development at GM


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