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Our video wall processors let you arrange, view, and manage multiple sources with latency-free operation

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Video wall processors

Whether it’s mission-critical operations or monitoring feeds for a broadcast, your team needs to securely display, arrange, and operate multiple sources to make quick, informed decisions. And that’s where the new Christie® video wall processors come in.

With Christie Hedra, you get a control room in a box for secure, real-time access to your data that you can control from virtually anywhere for seamless collaboration and sharing of critical information so you can make those decisions.

This multi-view KVM allows you to flexibly arrange, view, and manage up to 27 inputs, sources, and streams with latency-free operation. Operators can easily switch between different layouts or configurations working remotely or from a central interface, adapting your control room video wall to changing requirements and providing a tailored view of critical information.

With features like real-time processing and integrated multi-user KVM, Hedra ensures you get a seamless and synchronized display of video feeds or data across the video wall for a comprehensive and accurate view of the monitored environment. With Hedra video wall processors, you get enhanced situational awareness for quick and informed decision-making.

Discover how Hedra empowers your control room:

  • Secure: This TAA-compliant video wall processor features a robust Linux-based embedded hardware system
  • Responsive: Real-time architecture with ultra-low latency making frame rate loss almost negligible
  • High-quality video: hardware scaling with bilinear filter and excellent video and image processing capabilities ensures content displayed is crisp, vibrant, and true to the source.
  • User-friendly management software makes configuring and controlling your video wall easy with intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces, layout customization options, and scheduling features.
  • Freestyle Mode allows inputs to be freely overlapped, scaled, and positioned so you can customize your video wall.
  • Reliable with power redundancy capabilities for 24/7 operation, so you don’t have to worry about downtime in your control room.
  • On-board multi-view KVM functionality (on KVM models) lets users control and access video wall sources from a central workstation or multiple workstations for enhanced collaboration and convenience.

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Hedra in action at InfoComm 2023

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