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Christie Digital Christie Digital

Seamless blended images on any surface

Christie’s warping and edge blending tools make it fast and easy to create and maintain perfectly-blended displays.

Museum of Image and Sound

Warping & blending

Whether you’re projecting on a building, landmark, 3D object, sphere, dome, curved surface, or a simple flat screen, Christie’s warping and edge blending tools create perfectly aligned and seamlessly blended visuals. With 360° projection mapping capabilities, you can illuminate the entire venue location - from small meeting rooms to massive spheres.

Harness the power of multiple projectors

By combining multiple projectors, you are free to move beyond the limitations of single projectors to create bright, massive, seamless, incredibly high-resolution displays with repeated accuracy and speed.

Tools created with your image in mind

Christie Twist Embedded in many Christie projectors, Christie Twist lets you expertly edge blend and stack multiple images seamlessly on any 2D or 3D surface. Precisely control the geometry of single or multiple projectors through an easy-to-use grid point/mesh interface.

Christie Pandoras Box – This versatile and reliable media server is capable of handling any 2D or 3D projection installations using Christie or third-party projectors. Pandoras Box can be combined with Christie Mystique to enable markerless 3D projection mapping on both small and large-scale projects. 

Want to give Pandoras Box Software a test drive? Download our free 90-day demo.

Christie Mystique – Working in conjunction with Twist or Pandoras Box®, Christie Mystique automates the warping and blending process. At the click of a mouse, the camera-based software automatically aligns, stacks, and blends multi-projector systems in minutes with unsurpassed accuracy. Get started with our Mystique Lite software for simple setups.

Customer successes

See how Christie technology is being used to create stunning warped and blended displays

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