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Laser phosphor projection

Laser phosphor meets Christie BoldColor Technology

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What is laser phosphor?

Laser illumination falls into 2 categories: laser phosphor and RGB pure laser. Although both are solid-state technologies that use laser diodes as the light sources, each processes light in a different way, and both offer a variety of benefits to the customer.

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Here’s how it works:

  • Laser phosphor exclusively uses blue laser diodes as the primary light source. Blue light from the laser diodes shines onto a yellow phosphor-coated spinning wheel exciting the phosphor-producing yellow light
  • The yellow light is then separated using dichroic coatings to create red and green light, while the blue light component directly passes through a diffusion segment in the phosphor wheel
  • The separated red, green, and blue colors are then sent to an imaging surface like a DLP® chip, which then sends the light through a lens and onto the projection surface
How laser phosphor projection works

1. Blue & Red laser diode banks 2. Focus lens 3. Phosphor wheel 4. Color Wheel 5. DLP® chip

Employs blue laser diodes shining through a phosphor wheel

Same as a typical laser phosphor projector, but adds a red LED light source to boost the red color component

Similar to a laser hybrid but employs a red laser diode instead of an LED to produce better overall saturation and realistic color. This approach forms the basis of Christie BoldColor technology.

Why choose laser phosphor?

Laser phosphor projection offers many benefits:

  • Saves time and money – solid state illumination eliminates the need to replace lamps and filters, reduces consumables and waste, effectively lowers maintenance by reducing downtime, therefore lowering your total cost of ownership
  • Long operational life – 20,000 hours to 50% brightness
  • 24/7 operation for demanding applications
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Instant on/off capabilities
Laser phosphor benefits

Ideal for high-use applications

Christie laser phosphor projection is ideal for:




Retail locations

Houses of worship

Location-based entertainment venues

What is Christie BoldColor technology?

Christie BoldColor technology creates the color balance needed to accurately reproduce colorful visuals without sacrificing brightness.

BoldColor achieves this with blue and red laser diodes and specialized saturation software that produces enhanced color and saturation compared to typical laser phosphor projectors. BoldColor eliminates the perception that 1DLP® laser phosphor projector manufacturers must choose between accurate color and high brightness. Through finely tuned color algorithms, BoldColor accurately reproduces color with stunning brilliance and full brightness.

Unlike other products in the market, there’s no need to oversaturate, boost greens, crush whites or blacks, or play with gamma tables. Now that we can achieve even contribution from primary colors, we are able to simultaneously produce accurate color and high brightness.

Christie Boldcolor

Top 4 benefits of BoldColor technology

  1. Achieves color balance, with even contribution from primary colors
  2. Removes the need to use color manipulations like oversaturated greens or crushed whites
  3. Accurately reproduces color with stunning brilliance, without sacrificing brightness
  4. Produces enhanced color, saturation, and more lifelike visuals compared to typical laser phosphor projectors

Learn more about Christie BoldColor technology »

Christie BoldColor Infographic

Laser phosphor illumination with Christie BoldColor technology

1. Red laser diode bank

A new world of color in projection

Christie Boldcolor technology


Video: Christie BoldColor technology (01:27) –

Christie 1DLP® product manager, Brad Martin, explains how Christie BoldColor technology enhances imagery to lifelike realism and opens a new world of color in projection.

Comparing laser phosphor projectors

Watch for these 6 color manipulations that distort your content to gain brightness:

Laser phosphor - 6 color manipulations
Laser phosphor - 6 color manipulations

The return on investment for Christie laser phosphor with BoldColor

Overall, Christie 1DLP® laser phosphor projectors provide significant benefits and return on investment in terms of brightness, long-life, ease-of-use, quiet operation, and a compact design.

BoldColor offers a premium viewing experience, takes color performance and image quality to the next level, and provides an even wider range of choice in projection solutions. All of which helps ensure that our customers have the right technology for their application needs.

Christie Boldcolor

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