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Making environment-friendly products

Christie products are designed and built with the environment in mind.

Considering the environment in the products we make


Christie®​ products are built using manufacturing processes that also help conserve energy and resources.

Visual factory - As a manufacturer, recycling and waste diversion is an important environmental aspect of our program. A ‘visual factory’ is the best approach toward good environmental management. Clearly marked recycling zones in manufacturing areas are used to separate recycling streams for: wood, metal, cardboard, paper, LPDE#4 foam, e-waste and wooden skids.

Condensed work week - Production staff work four 10-hour shifts per week, reducing time commuting and the resource consumption needed to operate the facility for a fifth day.

Energy conservation - Christie  considers conserving energy an important and significant environmental aspect. The company uses the ISO14001 system to continuously identify opportunities to drive numerous environmental initiatives toward achieving this goal.

Heat recycling - Heat generated from our products as part of the manufacturing process – for example, when projectors go through production testing process – is redistributed to heat a large warehouse space. In the summer, dampers remove heat to the outside, helping save on air conditioning. The resulting energy and CO2 savings are significant.








Many of our display products are built with:

  • power stand-by mode, to reduce energy consumption

  • very high energy efficiency for the product class, to reduce energy consumption

  • recyclable casings and internal components

  • solid state illumination technology such as lasers and LEDs which are designed to last the entire life of the product, resulting in fewer consumables therefore a meaningful reduction in landfill waste

  • RoHS and REACH compliant

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