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Building the LOS: High brightness, every time


August 09, 2021

Designed to meet the needs of mainstream cinemas, Christie® Real|Laser™ illumination technology projection systems are based on RGB pure laser illumination that’s future-proofed for long-term excellence.

The core technology at the heart of Real|Laser projectors are the laser optical system (LOS). This article takes a closer look at the LOS. Acting as ‘the illumination engine’ for Real|Laser projectors, the LOS integrates many lasers and optical elements, such as lenses and mirrors, into one package.

So, how do we build the LOS to ensure high brightness over its lifetime? Let’s dive in!

Making the LOS last

Inside the LOS, there are many optical surfaces. If any debris or contamination falls on these optical surfaces during the assembly process, it could cause light scattering, which results in loss of output brightness. We solve this problem by assembling the LOS in a state-of-the-art, dust-free cleanroom. The production environment meets ISO Class 6 standards, keeping the optical surface pristine during the entire assembly process. By using a fully sealed design to prevent dust and other contaminants from entering the molded optical system, we ensure the laser maintains its brightness over a long lifetime. The LOS itself is maintenance-free as a result.

Placing mirrors and lenses in the LOS

Placing mirrors and lenses in the LOS

Robotic assembly of Christie’s laser optical system (LOS)

Robotic assembly of Christie’s laser optical system (LOS).

Consistent laser assembly and calibration

The mirrors and lenses in the LOS are held in place using spring brackets and adhesives. These components must remain in place to keep the LOS light output within its specification. Thanks to many years of optomechanical manufacturing experience, we developed a rigorous process to make the clipped and glued optical components resistant to extreme shock, vibration, and temperature changes. We use advanced robotic automation equipment for assembly so that every LOS is manufactured to the same high-quality standards every time.

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