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Christie making the grade at Moravian College

January 08, 2018

Installation by Advanced AV includes Christie panels in Virtual Cadaver Room

CYPRESS, Calif. - Christie® DHD599-GS laser phosphor projectors and two Christie LCD panels are continuing to make the grade at Moravian College’s Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz Center for Health Sciences. The 275-year-old college, located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is home to over 2,000 students and a distinguished health sciences school complete with virtual cadaver room.

The 11 Christie projectors are installed in various classrooms while the two panels are in the Virtual Cadaver Room.

“We knew right away that we wanted to have the absolute best. We wanted the ability in our projection systems to be able to recreate that kind of detail onto a large screen and to be able to get the kind of color, accuracy and good contrast and just really kick our projection capabilities up to the next level,” said Craig Underwood, director of media services, Moravian College.

This isn’t the first time Moravian College hired Advanced AV and Christie for its technology needs; earlier installations include the Chemistry, Biology and Physics departments. However, the school now wanted the lower maintenance of lampless technology but wasn’t impressed with the technology until Advanced AV's Mike Morgan showed him the Christie GS Series.

“I was immediately blown away,” said Underwood. “I couldn’t believe I was looking at a lampless projector. The color accuracy was phenomenal and I knew right away that this was definitely the right product to put into our Health Sciences building because of the quality of the image. And on top of that, being lampless and having a lot less maintenance for our limited AV team - that was a real winner in my book.”

Christie GS Series brings down both anticipated and overall cost of ownership

When Underwood’s team requested their GS Series projectors, they learned a newer, upgraded projector had replaced their choice.

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“I was initially concerned, but it was a very pleasant surprise because not only did the price go down but the specifications were even better - they were brighter projectors,” Underwood concluded. “Overall, people were floored. They really loved what they saw of the building through the technology, you could tell.”

“Having integrated many, many Christie products in the past— we felt very confident with presenting this projection solution to Moravian, to meet their expectations,” said Mike Morgan, general manager, Advanced AV. “With the new laser phosphor technology, we minimize the cost and labor associated with lamp-based projectors. We’re talking about 11 new projection systems on campus and Craig mentioned he’s a staff of two right now so running around changing lamps becomes more difficult as they get more projectors on campus.”

Morgan also noted the resolution and reliability of Christie technology, along with Christie’s ongoing service and support.

“This being a nursing-science-medical building, and knowing the type of imagery they were going to be presenting, to give them the resolution and the reliability that Christie brings to the table was something we were very confident presenting,” Morgan added. “We also feel very confident in the support that we get from Christie and the support that Moravian would continue to get from Christie.”

Virtual Cadaver Lab in Health Sciences using Christie panels

As a small educational theater with limited capacity, the Virtual Cadaver Lab and table needed a supplemental display on the wall so every student can see what’s happening on the table during class.

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“There are only so many people who can stand around the table but it has a video output so you can show it on an external display, which is the two Christie panels,” said Underwood.

“We’re the only ones in the area that actually have a Virtual Cadaver Lab and we wanted to make it the best it could possibly be. We wanted to be unique and offer that value to the area that nobody has really had, and to fill these needs within the health industry,” Underwood continued. “Part of that was to have some simulation labs which involve both high- and low-fidelity mannequins so that the nursing students and other health profession students can do simulations and training with these virtual mannequins that give real-time feedback on health situations.”

The Christie GS Series of laser phosphor projectors provides a premium performance and ongoing reliability in high-usage environments such as higher education facilities, business venues and more.​

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