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Cinemark Theatres acquires pure laser cinema projector

August 15, 2018

First deployment of Christie’s next generation RGB pure laser projector in Taiwan delivers low cost of ownership and unmatched visuals​KAOHSIUNG, Taiwan  – Christie® is pleased to announce that Cinemark Theatres is the first exhibitor in Taiwan to deploy the CP4325-RGB, a next generation RGB pure laser cinema projector featuring Christie's proprietary RealLaser™ technology, in its multiplex located in the southern port city of Kaohsiung.

The CP4325-RGB is the first in new cinema projection series, marking Christie's commitment to RGB pure laser illumination technology for the future of its product development. The acquired unit has been fitted in the flagship Cine X auditorium of Cinemark Theatres Dream Mall, equipped with a 19-meter screen and a capacity of over 350 seats. The installation and maintenance is undertaken by Christie's trusted Taiwanese partner, Dacoms Technology.

"We're delighted to be the first cinema chain in Taiwan to deploy Christie's next generation RGB pure laser projector in our Cine X auditorium, which offers the best cinematic experience to our audiences," said Alan Chen, assistant booth manager, Cinemark-Core Pacific, "Our decision to acquire the CP4325-RGB stems from our belief that this is the most advanced RGB pure laser projector on the market, offering the best visual quality, reliability, and affordability. We are convinced that RGB pure laser is the true replacement for lamp-based illumination and this technology is the future of cinema projection."

Emily Hong, President, Dacoms Technology, commented, "Since the launch of the CP4325-RGB in December 2017, it has received strong interest from cinema exhibitors across Taiwan. Interest that's accelerated since the showing of Christie's 2K RealLaser models this Summer and the promise of more new RGB pure laser models from the company later this year. Exhibitors find the 'all-in-one' form factor and promise of reduced power consumption very compelling. And having worked closely with Christie for decades, we know that this breakthrough technology will stun audiences with its outstanding visuals that approach Rec. 2020 color space. I'm pleased that Cinemark Theatres has invested in state-of-the-art projection technology that's able to offer practical and commercial benefits in the years to come."

Han Kim, Senior Director, APAC Sales, Cinema, Christie, added, "It's heartening that an increasing number of exhibitors in Asia and around the world have embraced Christie RealLaser, the world's first laser illumination technology created by Christie, which continues to set the standard for cinema technology innovation. We appreciate that Cinemark Theatres has chosen our CP4325-RGB for its flagship auditorium in Kaohsiung. We look forward to more exhibitors selecting our RealLaser family of projectors for their new cinemas or to replace their lamp-based systems."

An unequalled, authentic and immersive cinema experience

Christie's RGB pure laser projection solutions, boasting an innovative, patented, and all-in-one, direct-coupled RGB illumination system, are the most advanced laser projectors on the market. They use next generation, pure red-green-blue direct-emitting laser technology to deliver an unequalled, authentic and immersive cinema experience for the mainstream exhibition market.​

Led by the CP4325-RGB, the RealLaser family offers all the advantages of a high-performance laser projector in a compact 'all-in-one' form factor that eliminates the need for sub-ambient external cooling, while providing a low cost of ownership. Featuring 4K resolution, contrast ratios approaching 6,000:1, and a brightness of 25,000 lumens, the CP4325-RGB offers a rich color palette, approaching Rec. 2020 and over 30,000 hours of theater operation. Unlike many competitors' solutions, Christie RealLaser technology will ensure superior and consistent brightness levels according to DCI standards throughout the entire lifetime of the projector.

Christie is expanding its RealLaser family of projectors with the introduction of CP2320-RGB and CP2315-RGB, which offer RGB pure laser technology at 2K resolution for smaller screen sizes. Both models will be shipping later this year.

About Cinemark Theatres

Cinemark Theatres is operated by Cinemark-Core Pacific, Ltd., a joint venture between Cinemark International LLC and Weijing Group. Currently, Cinemark-Core Pacific, Ltd is wholly owned by Weijing Group, and runs three cineplexes in Taiwan. Since 2007, it has been actively involved in the development of entertainment businesses in China and Southeast Asia, and its operations have expanded to more than a dozen cinema complexes in China. In future, it will actively pursue integration of cross-strait cultural and creative entertainment businesses, and to introduce state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, the most comfortable cinema seats, and a greater range of dining options for patrons. For more information, visit:

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