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Projectors add dimension to tea culture

Christie APS Series delivers vivid projections

Projectors add new dimension to tea arts culture

March 21, 2023

BEIJING – Christie® laser projectors have injected vibrancy and added a new dimension to traditional tea arts with lively visuals that complement the stylized and choreographed ritual of tea making.

The projections were accomplished using the Christie LWU530-APS and LWU650-APS 3LCD laser projectors for a science carnival held at an innovation center in Zhangjiawan Design Town, a district positioned to become Beijing’s new landmark for the design sector. Christie’s trusted partner Dicction (Beijing) Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd supplied and installed the projectors for this event. This is the first time that projection technology has been used to augment Chinese tea arts. The ritual involves the preparation, presentation, and consumption of Chinese tea, and it is a highly respected art form that has been passed down for thousands of years.

Christie APS Series laser projectors deliver vibrant images on the table top and gauze screen in the tea room. (Photos courtesy of Dicction)

“The end user was looking for a bright, reliable and cost-effective laser projection solution to build an immersive tea arts space that adds a new dimension to this traditional art form,” said Leo Zhang, chief executive officer, Dicction. “At the same time, this installation is aimed at promoting the use of projection technology in Metaverse projects that combine physical and virtual experiences. The Christie APS Series, with its streamlined appearance, high-value performance and versatility, is our ideal choice for this endeavor.”

The projectors were fitted discretely above the tea room to display sharp and lifelike images on a large table used for tea brewing, as well as on an adjacent gauze screen to create an immersive presentation. The 6,000-lumen LWU530-APS yields vibrant images measuring 2.5 meters by 1.56 meters (8.2 feet by 5.1 feet) on the tabletop, while an impressive 4.72-by-2.95-meter (15.4-by-9.7 feet) gauze screen projection was achieved by the 7,000-lumen LWU650-APS projector. An array of contents comprising floral and nature-inspired imagery blended harmoniously with the physical objects and space.

Zhang noted that the end user was very pleased with the outcome. He added, “The innovation center is impressed with the projectors’ stable brightness output and an incredible 3,000,000:1 on/off contrast ratio that produces excellent image quality. On top of that, the projectors’ quiet operation and omnidirectional capabilities allow for flexible, discrete placement in virtually any setting, including tight spaces. The success of this unprecedented installation has provided us with the confidence to take on similar projects in the future.”

April Qin, senior director of sales for China, Enterprise, Christie, commented, “The APS Series, with an efficient laser illumination system that provides up to 20,000 hours of reliable, maintenance-free operation for an extremely low cost of ownership, has perfectly demonstrated the transformative impact of projection technology on traditional Chinese tea ceremonies. Kudos to Dicction for successfully completing this amazing project within a week.”

From the smallest meeting rooms to the biggest screens, there’s a Christie projector that fits every application and budget. Our line-up of 3LCD, 1DLP® and 3DLP® projectors come in a range of resolutions with laser-based illumination, and deliver exceptional image quality, brightness, versatility, and ease-of-use. In China, Christie projection solutions are widely used in a number of night tourism, theme parks, museums and science centers, education, art and exhibition venues.

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