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zweiB investing in Christie Pandoras Box Server

August 07, 2017

Mönchengladbach, Germany. – (20 July 2017) – Christie's long-time, Munich-based partner zweiB recently decided to invest in Christie® Pandoras Box hardware and software. The professional service provider for digital cinema technology, event technology and media production has been combining high-quality cinema and event technology with expert know-how for over 10 years. With the new Pandoras Box Quad servers, the company will be able to expand its event technology offer. In addition their own events, the hardware is also available for rental.

"The new servers provide us with the flexibility and performance needed to meet today's highest demands," said zweiB CEO Tammo Buhren. "The performance of the latest Pandoras Box server generation, even when playing 4K content at60 Hz, really impressed us and made it an easy decision. We see it as a key investment for the future, which will allow us to meet the growing demands for higher resolutions and quality in video content.

Christie Pandoras Box Quad Server PK4

The Pandora's Quad Server PK4 includes 6.7TB (Raid 5) memory capacity, NVIDIA Quadro graphics card, and Intel Xeon processors. The high-tech server with an extremely powerful rendering engine provides real-time 3D compositing and enables projections onto surfaces of any shape or texture. Thanks to the frame-accurate, synchronised output, multi-display applications are also possible. The new Pandoras Box version 6 software is particularly impressive with new features for workflow optimisation, such as the integrated multi-user mode, which contribute to the security of the show whilst saving time and money.

Feedback from the live operation could already be collected in Berlin, when the hardware, together with the Christie Boxer 4K30 projectors located in the rental park, were used for a major projection mapping onto the new Humboldt Forum. "We used a total of six projectors to project onto the east façade from the opposite side. The playback and the mapping were done using Pandoras Box," said Tammo Buhren. "On all four nights, the show ran flawlessly from 9:00 pm until the wee hours of the morning. With such a prominently positioned event, we were naturally overjoyed that everything ran smoothly and perfectly."

​"We are getting more and more positive feedback from our customers about the performance of the new Pandoras Box hardware and the various possibilities it offers in combination with the software. We were all the more delighted to have been able to impress another long-time partner like zweiB. We can look forward to the next creative applications," said Jan Walter, Business Development Manager at Christie EMEA.

About zweiB:

zweiB, a market leading technical services company focusing on Digital Cinema technology, event engineering and post-production. zweiB GmbH is a Munich-based company, which provides professional technical services for events, fixed-installation and post-production across various industries. Well known as Digital Cinema experts, zweiB offers screening support for premieres and special-screenings, permanent cinema installations and content services including DCP Mastering as well as 4K, 3D stereo projection and multi-channel surround sound experiences. zweiB is characterized by professional consulting services, creative concepts, careful planning, precise execution, state-of-the-art technology and unique human resources since 2003.