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Christie Duo single mirror integration kit | Christie - Visual Solutions
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The Christie Duo integration kit has the flexibility to support your cinema based on your booth size, with three options for configuration:

  • Stacked – one projector stacked above the other
  • Single mirror – one projector projects directly out of the port hole, the other projector is placed perpendicular to the first projector and a single mirror is attached to the projector at a 45° orientation
  • Dual mirror – both projectors are facing each other parallel to the screen. Each projector has a mirror system attached at a 45° orientation

There are several advantages to using a single mirror configuration:

  • dual projection for both 2D and 3D content
  • incredibly bright and engaging 3D displays
  • low cost of ownership
  • easy access to lamps and control panels
  • the least amount of equipment is needed – a stacking kit and a second mirror are not required

Christie Duo integration kit includes:

  • Christie DuoAlign™ auto-calibrating image alignment software and laptop PC
  • Camera kit
  • Gen-lock cables
  • Christie patented single mirror system