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LS2C line source ceiling loudspeaker
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Employing the same ribbon driver technology present in our screen channel ​loudspeakers, Christie's line source surround loudspeakers feature a unique integrated waveguide design to provide enhanced clarity, and reduced distortion. In addition, the inclusion of the ribbon driver provides ultra-fast transient response. Our line array surround loudspeakers offer the same benefits while also providing perfect timbre matching and extremely uniform coverage for seamless listening experience throughout the auditorium.

Note: Safety cables are recommended any time a loudspeaker will be positioned overhead in an auditorium.​


  • Unique integrated waveguide design for very wide, controlled dispersion patterns
  • ​Ribbon driver and paper/Kevlar composite cone drivers
  • Dramatically higher RMS to​ peak max SPL ratio than compression driver systems
  • Ideal for use as surround channel loudspeaker, with or without bass management
  • Heavy duty marine grade plywood cabinet with integrated mounting points


System type

  • Coaxial, two-way, passive, ported enclosure

Driver components

  • 2" annular ribbon HF driver with Kapton® diaphragm, Neodymium magnets and 1.2” exit coaxially mounted within 12” paper Kevlar composite cone driver


  • Linear phase, 2-way, passive @ 1.7 kHz, 12 dB/octave

Frequency response*

  • 80 Hz-20kHz @ -3dB

Effective frequency* range

  • 50 Hz-25kHz @ - 10dB

Maximum SPL**

  • 122.3 dB (AES) continuous
  • 124 dB long term
  • 126.8 dB short term

*Measured  at distances  of 1m in simulated free field conditions. Sensitivity is calculated based on measured SPL response averaged in 200Hz-4 kHz range.

**Continuous power handling tested for 2 hours using IEC noise signal. IEC refers to IEC 60268-5 standard. Max SPL calculated based on sensitivity and power handling. 

***Averaged in 500Hz-10kHz range, at - 6dB.