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Christie LW720 3-LCD WXGA Projector | 121-024107-xx
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*This product is no longer available. View Christie's current line of projectors.

The LW720 is one of the brightest single lamp  WXGA products on the market!  Offering WXGA resolution at 7200 ANSI lumens, this high performance LCD projector offers outstanding product features at a low cost of ownership. Designed for quality presentation, application flexibility and low maintenance, the Christie LW720 also boast one of the largest ranges of lens shift range ( *varies on lens ) giving you the flexibility of positioning the projector in more places than your typical projectors. With a contrast ratio of 2500:1 and inorganic 3LCD panels, the Christie LW720 merges long life optical design with high quality picture performance. Incorporating 10-bit image processing, the Christie LW720 offers superior gray scale rendering and video with smooth artifact-free images.

Offering a clear advancement in lens shift technology the Christie LW720 allows for placement in spaces previously unable to fit certain projectors and the image can be placed on screen without any digital corrections. The extreme lens shift capability is able to shift the image vertically by 85% of the screen’s height, and horizontally by 60% of the screen’s width – covering a total range of 3.3 screen areas vertically and 2.2 screen areas horizontally.


  • Up to 7200 ANSI lumens provides high brightness 
  • 2500:1 contrast ratio for exceptional image clarity 
  • Latest in inorganic 3LCD light engine design offering enhanced performance and durability
  • 10-bit video processing for natural and smooth color tone and video playback 
  • Extreme lens shift capability
  • Hassle free filter for up to 10,000 hours of maintenance-free operation 
  • Suite of 6 optional lenses and a variety of input modules for complete application flexibility

With up to 6 optional lenses, including an ultra short throw, the Christie LW720gives you choice in where you can fit your images. The Lens Memory* feature allows you to lock in up to three lens positions, including lens shift, focus, and zoom settings for quick recall.

The split screen mode allows you to divide your presentation utilizing the wide aspect display format. Further exciting features of the Christie LW720 include a complete connectivity package from computer video and digital connections via HDMI. Advanced security features, including a security bar, Kensington™ style lock option, and additional menu security options, along with the Network Bridge function (to connect and control a network of projectors) adds to an already full list of outstanding product features.

This quiet, single lamp system, offers up to 2000 hours of lamp life in standard mode and up to 3000 in eco mode. Our hassle free filter design delivers up to 10,000 hours of performance before requiring replacement. The Christie LW720 offers years of reliable, maintenance-free, low cost operation.



  • - Up to 7200 ANSI lumens
  • - 2500:1 contrast ratio (with Iris on)
  • - >80% brightness uniformity (corner to corner)


  • 3 x 1.22” Inorganic LCDs
  • Native WXGA 1366 x 800 resolution


  • Single 350W UHB Lamp
  • Normal mode 2000 hours, eco mode 3000 hours

Signal Compatibility


Video Signal

  • 525i(480i), 525p(480p), 625i(576i), 1125i (1080i@50/60), 750p(720p@50/60) 1125p(1080p@50/60); NTSC, PAL, SECAM, PAL-M, PAL-N, NTSC4.43

Pixel Clock

  • TMDS 27MHz ~ 150MHz

Due to constant research, specifications and features are subject to change without notice. 



Christie LW720 3-LCD WXGA Projector | 121-024107-xx
Christie LW720 3-LCD WXGA Projector | 121-024107-xx
Christie LW720 3-LCD WXGA Projector | 121-024107-xx
Christie LW720 3-LCD WXGA Projector | 121-024107-xx
Christie LW720 3-LCD WXGA Projector | 121-024107-xx
Christie LW720 3-LCD WXGA Projector | 121-024107-xx