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All-in-one RGB laser projection

Lightweight, compact design featuring less than 46dBA at full brightness

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Griffyn Series

Pure laser. Pure performance. Pure excellence. 

A technological marvel combining Christie's superior electronics, our proprietary RGB laser illumination architecture with integrated cooling and a sealed optical path for reliable illumination performance creating capabilities that will impress you. Ready to illuminate any surface with up to 34,000 lumens while operating at less than 46dBA at full brightness, we designed and built this highly advanced projector family for demanding large venue applications on the ground or 'in the air'.

Introducing the Christie Griffyn 4K32-RGB laser projector 

Introducing the Christie Griffyn™ 4K32-RGB pure laser projector


Features included in every Christie Griffyn

Remote Control Digital Convergence

All in one input connectivity

Everything you need is built in

Quiet performance

Less than 46dBA at full brightness

Single-phase power

Single-phase power reduces set-up cost and complexity.

Solution & Applications

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