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Christie Mystique Lite
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With Christie® Mystique™ Lite camera-based alignment software and an inexpensive webcam1, you can warp and blend up to 3 Christie projectors2 in a single horizontal projector array on a flat surface or screen with the click of a button. Exclusive to Christie projectors, Mystique Lite is available in the downloads section below at no additional cost.

Key features

  • Saves money - Download the Mystique Lite software, purchase an inexpensive supported webcam1 and you're all set to align your Christie projectors2.
  • Saves time - Warping and blending projectors manually can be time-consuming for even experienced projectionists. Mystique Lite keeps simple projector arrays warped and blended with the click of a button.
  • Perfect for simple set-ups - The super-intuitive interface makes it easy to perfectly and quickly align horizontal arrays of up to 3 Christie projectors2.
  • So easy, anyone can use it - Simply download Mystique Lite to any Windows-based PC. Mystique Lite will auto-detect your webcam and projectors on the same network. Mark the corners of your screen and you're ready to go.
  • Rich upgrade path to the Mystique product family - Ready to align a larger projector array or warp, stack and blend on a more complex screen or surface? You can easily upgrade from Mystique Lite to other tiers of the Mystique family, choosing the edition that suits your project requirements.

Supported screen types



Playing surface projection mapping



Dark ride

1 Supported webcams: Logitech c920 and Logitech c920s
2 Supported projectors: Current Christie HS Series 1DLP projectors, Boxer Series, Crimson Series, 4K40-RGB series, Griffyn® 4K32-RGB, and current Mirage Series projectors, except M Series models.

​Taking the next step

Do you have an idea for a spectacular visual experience? Speak with our experts today and discover how Christie Mystique can help and which edition is best suited to your project needs. Get in touch »


Time to blend

  • System auto-calibrates in less than two minutes per projector.

User interface

  • Microsoft Windows application with step-by-step process and real-time camera feedback.

Projector support

  • Up to 3 Christie Twist-enabled 3DLP® and HS Series 1DLP projectors in a horizontal array.

Screen type support

  • Flat screen and surfaces​ only.

Camera and lens

  • Requires the separate purchase from a third-party of these supported USB cameras: Logitech 920 or Logitech c920s