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Inside look: Creating Akerson Theater

February 8, 2022
Learn about the creation of the Naval Academy’s crown jewel, in this AVIXA-hosted webinar

Learn about the creation of the Akerson Theater, the Naval Academy’s crown jewel, in this AVIXA-hosted webinar on February 8, 2022 from 1-2pm ET.

With a goal of taking their academic and athletic recruitment programs to the next level, the Naval Academy Athletic Association recently unveiled the Ron Terwilliger '63 Center for Student-Athletes—a tech-focused, integrated space that gives their organization a competitive edge in the recruitment process while celebrating the achievements of Navy student-athletes. The crown jewel of the center is the Akerson Theater—an immersive, 180-degree theater that integrates stunning audio and visuals that communicate how students and recruits can be part of the organization’s storied history. In our panel’s discussion, we’ll examine the intricate design process that went into bringing the center to life, along with the world-class technology and monumental collaborative effort needed to create this remarkable experience.

Sponsored by Dimensional Innovations, with presenters from Dimensional Innovations, Christie, and Avant Acoustics.

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