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USA TODAY’s America Renewed

The Great American Cleanup

USA TODAY’s America Renewed: The Great American Cleanup

USA Today

March 08, 2021

We long for the day where life is back to “normal" even if it’s a new normal we’ve had to grow accustomed to in 2020 and 2021. No doubt normal will be unusual. Trepidation will lurk at every corner. Pushing doors open with our elbows rather than our hands may become the norm, as will standing two meters apart from the stranger next to you in line for buttery popcorn at the cinemas. Will the mask become the most fashion-forward trend we’ve created since the Industrial Revolution? Let’s hope not. While consumers yearn to return to the places they love like theme parks, shopping malls, museums, and more, businesses are focusing on disinfection and sanitization, and looking for long-term solutions long after COVID-19 has vanquished. Why? Concern over variants and other viruses that threaten our existence will be forever in our shadows – somewhere, someday.

Wondering what life will look like after COVID-19? In USA Today's America Renewed Special Edition, "The Great American Clean-Up" article looks at the lasting impact the virus will have on disinfection and sanitation practices for businesses, and the changes that will be made to building designs.

Read the article on page 56, and check out Christie’s far-UVC disinfection technology response on pg. 53

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