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The Radiance of Beihai PLF Cinema

Exploring the light behind the pinnacle of cinematic projection at the Radiance of Beihai


Guangxi, China


Christie CP4455-RGB, Christie Mystique Cinema

Christie powers Beihai’s new PLF cinema

Every mention of the captivating landscapes of Beihai evokes images of tranquil beaches and breathtaking blue skies, reminiscent of scenes from classic romantic films. What if these idyllic visuals could be experienced in a state-of-the-art, contemporary cinema nestled in the very heart of this picturesque city? Imagine immersing yourself in cinematic wonder right here in the south of China’s Guangxi province, on the enchanting northeast coast of Beibu Gulf. 

This dream becomes a reality with the opening of the Radiance of Beihai, a new premium large format (PLF) cinema that officially welcomed the public in December 2023. Located within the upmarket Ithaka Park in Yinhai District, which is positioned to become the heart of the booming internet technology sector, this remarkable theatre is designed to deliver superior visual and auditory experiences to moviegoers. 

At the Radiance of Beihai PLF Cinema, movies are no longer just a simple form of entertainment; they are a journey of sensory astonishment. This concept seamlessly aligns with Ithaka Park’s overarching goal of cultivating a vibrant hub for the younger generation. The aim is to attract youthful energy, foster entrepreneurship, and propel the internet technology sector to new heights through a focus on cultural creativity, art, technology, music, and sports. 

“Beihai is a city teeming with potential, youth, and dreams. Our vision is to contribute to the daily aspirations of the city’s youth. Therefore, the project selection within Ithaka Park adheres to particularly stringent criteria,” says Zishuo Peng, head of Ithaka Park who also oversees the operation of Radiance of Beihai PLF Cinema. “Besides partnering with renowned architectural design firm Gensler to give this park its distinctive character, we’ve also collaborated with industry-leading technology companies in film exhibition, including Christie, RealD, Dolby, and Harman, to collectively establish an exceptional PLF cinema.” 

The transformation of this PLF auditorium into a world-class facility hinged on meticulous attention to the projection technology, screen, sound system, and acoustic design. Housed within a single building, it boasts dimensions of 36 meters in width, 24 meters in height, and a seating capacity of 691. At the forefront of technological innovation is Christie’s cutting-edge CP4455-RGB pure laser cinema projector, featuring CineLife+ electronics and Real|Laser illumination technology, capable of delivering 57,000 lumens and playback of HFR titles in 4K at 120 frames per second. 

This marks the inaugural installation of Christie’s flagship RGB pure laser cinema projectors in Beihai. Employing a dual projection setup with ultra-high contrast 6000:1 UHC lenses, the system generates an astounding 114,000 lumens, projecting vivid, true-to-life 4K images onto the massive screen. Christie Mystique Cinema, an integration kit featuring auto-calibrating image alignment software and a camera, ensures seamless images within seconds. The lifelike visuals from the CP4455-RGB projectors are enhanced by RealD’s ultimate screen, Dolby ATMOS cinema technology, and JBL’s audio system to deliver an unparalleled and immersive cinematic experience. 

“The integration of these leading cinema technologies elevates the presentation quality of films to unprecedented heights in terms of detail, contrast, transparency, and dynamics,” shares Peng, a seasoned project manager and avid movie enthusiast. “This guarantees that every film screened in the Radiance of Beihai PLF Cinema achieves its pinnacle, providing audiences with an immensely gratifying experience.” 

It is evident that the Radiance of Beihai PLF Cinema embodies the dreams of Ithaka Park, reflecting a strong commitment to present the very best that cinema has to offer, infusing technology, innovation, and passion into every frame. 

Peng concludes, “We are confident that all visitors to Ithaka Park and the Radiance of Beihai PLF Cinema will be impressed by the vibrant, stylish, and creative ambiance. Beyond witnessing technological innovation, they will also feel a genuine love for cinema. The Radiance of Beihai stands as the iconic centerpiece of this park, destined to be a space filled with countless stories and dreams, injecting boundless vitality into the city!” 

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