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Christie Conductor and Mystique Lite intro webinar

Christie Conductor and Mystique Lite intro webinar

Watch today! On-demand webinar: learn first-hand about two new, powerful software tools that are available exclusively for Christie projectors at no additional cost.

Christie Conductor is an advanced monitoring and control software solution for our 3DLP® projectors1. We’ll cover key features so you’ll come away knowing exactly how Conductor can make your job easier and reduce the risk of downtime!

Christie Mystique Lite is the newest addition to our Mystique family of automated camera-based alignment software. See how quickly and easily you can warp and blend up to 3 supported Christie projectors2 in a horizontal array on a flat screen or surface.

Ready to watch? Just fill out the form to access the webinar video.

Supported projectors:

1 Conductor: Christie Boxer® 4K30, Boxer 4K20, Crimson Series, 4K40-RGB series, Griffyn 4K32-RGB, Mirage 304K, Mirage SST, Christie Eclipse

2 Mystique Lite: Current HS Series, Boxer Series, Crimson Series, 4K40-RGB series, Griffyn 4K32-RGB, and current Mirage Series, except M Series models