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We created this newsletter to help engineers, projectionists, and decision-makers better understand the technology behind the magic of cinema and keep theatres running smoothly. Each issue provides you with convenient links to download the latest software updates for CineLife, CineLife+, IMB, and more. You’ll also find helpful tips and tricks based on recent questions submitted to our tech support team and NOC by you, our customers.

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Cinema tech news archive

Issue 1: December 2020 - Tips and tricks, firmware updates, and useful videos

Issue 2: April 2021 - CineLife+ web UI, firmware updates, and preventative maintenance

Issue 3: July 2021 - Firmware updates, subtitles insight, and AC Blower interlock details

Issue 4: November 2021 - Firmware updates, new electronic color convergence, and useful tips

Issue 5: April 2023 - Firmware updates, shutter function improvement, IMB-S3 certificate, laser module logs update

Issue 6: September 2023 - Unresponsive control panel, hard disk in sleep mode, CP42LH interlock failure, Solaria coolant color change