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Christie Boxer and Spyder X80 at Game Expo

September 24, 2018

SAO PAULO - Christie®, a leader in creating and delivering the world's best visual and audio experiences, is pleased to announce that Christi​e Boxer projectors and the Christie Spyder X80 video processor were behind the world's biggest gaming screen at Game XP, Latin America's biggest gamer event that was recently held at the Olympic Park in Río de Janeiro.

The gigantic four-day entertainment and competitive video-gaming event attracted 100,000 competitors and fans who were able to view the official tournaments and a series of new launches by the industry's top companies.

The star of the show turned out to be the 1,500 square meter screen, the biggest of its kind in the world and located in one of the stadiums renamed 'Oi Game Arena' for the occasion. The 4,500-capacity arena hosted the grand finals, with the live broadcast featuring "League of Legends," "Clash Royale," and "Rainbow 6" among other games.​

The directors of Omelete Company, the company organizing the event in conjunction with Rock in Rio and Grupo Globo, wanted the best audio-visual equipment available to ensure a truly stunning visual experience and with that in mind, contacted Ricardo Laporta of Christie Brasil. Laporta quickly notified one of Christie Brazil's staging experts, Daniel Monteiro, and working with Brazilian integrator Ponto Midia, they designed a matrix based on four Christie Boxer 4K30 3DLP® projectors to light up the enormous screen.

Thanks to its omnidirectional capabilities and built-in warping and blending, the four Boxers could be placed at various angles and still easily cover the entire screen. The combined 120,000 lumens saturated the 1,500 square meter floor-to-ceiling screen in lifelike colors.

The Christie Spyder X80 - the only video processor capable of handling 4K at a 60Hz refresh rate on a single channel - managed and controlled the content. Coincident with the initial discussions, the Christie Spyder X80 video processor had just come on the market, while the multi-award-winning Christie Boxer is the projector of choice among rental companies all over the world for large-format projections. It was the perfect tandem to power the world's biggest gaming screen.

The result was an unforgettable experience of spectacular visuals and graphics for both gamers and audience.

"Having Christie on board the project was critical in ensuring the quality we were looking for in the screen," said Roberto Fabri, CMO of Omelete Company. "Christie technology gave us the ability to provide audiences with a unique experience and the best possible image."

Monteiro added: "We are delighted that our technology played such a crucial role in this spectacular visual experience, which will remain in the spectators' memories for years to come. Our most sincere congratulations to the whole team at Game XP for putting on such a wonderful show, which surely marks a before and after for events of its kind in Brazil.

Noted Laporta, "The fact that Christie has such an incredible track record in the cinema industry was key in Game XP's decision to opt for our technology."

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