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Christie lights up Singapore for Bicentennial

October 24, 2019

SINGAPORE Chris​tie's projection and content management and processing solutions played an instrumental role in delivering a highly engaging dance extravaganza organized by the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) to commemorate 200 years of Singapore's founding.

"Milestones: The ITE Bicentennial Emblazon Edition" was held at the 1,460-seat auditorium in ITE headquarters and involved nearly 400 dancers comprising students from all three ITE colleges. They presented brilliant onstage performances that highlighted the key milestones of Singapore's history and rich heritage, and envisions what citizens hope the nation to be in the future. The two-hour concert was presented in four chapters that captured the moods and messages of each milestone through dance, music and images.

The performers' slick dance moves were complemented by an array of stunning multimedia projections using a Christie D4K40-RGB pure laser projector, a Christie Crimson WU25 3DLP® laser projector, and four Christie Roadster HD20K-J 3DLP® projectors, while content management and processing was achieved by the Christie Pandoras Box Quad Server and Compact Player. The laser proje​ctors and Pandoras Box systems were provided by Christie Singapore and installed by its local partners Electro-Acoustics Systems and Total Solution Marketing respectively for this event.

"The brief from our management this year was to focus on the Bicentennial narrative; and hence the usage of multimedia and projection was crucial in delivering the stories and messages more clearly to the masses," said Christabel Lim, Producer of ITE Dance Emblazon and Head of Arts Management, Centre for Music and the Arts, ITE. "I'm glad that the projection and multimedia had succeeded in strongly supporting the dancers in their themes, and provided visual aids to era-specific pieces."

Outside the auditorium, the Crimson WU25 displayed bright and dynamic images of the event's titles on the wall above the main entrance, welcoming all guests and heightening their anticipation of the concert. Inside, the D4K40-RGB was deployed for main projections on the huge backdrop, while the double-stacked Roadster HD20K-Js covered the projections on two tall, narrow drapes on each side of the stage. The results were colourful and lifelike visuals that enhanced the overall look and feel of the wide-ranging dance performances and heightened the audience's enjoyment of this concert.

Joshua Chong, Technical Officer, Venue Management, CDE Division, ITE, said, "The Christie D4K40-RGB was simply amazing with its accurate colour reproduction and extremely high output from such a compact enclosure, which allowed it to punch through all the haze and stage lighting while still delivering a vibrant image. The Christie Crimson WU25 also amazed me with its high output and ease of use from such a compact enclosure. Colours were warm and vibrant without the 'coldness' that's commonly seen in other laser projector brands."

The event, which took almost a year to materialize, had been well-received by audiences, who lauded its high artistic standards and production values. "The ITE management and the audience were very impressed on how far the artistic boundaries could be pushed," Lim noted. "Many felt that multimedia was creative and acted as visual aids to understand the dance pieces better."

Bensen Ong, Assistant Sales Manager, Enterprise, Christie Singapore, commented, "We're very pleased to support ITE for highly anticipated concert in celebration of Singapore's Bicentennial. This is the first time that our D4K40-RGB and Crimson WU25 projectors are used for a major event in Singapore, and we are delighted that all our projection and image processing solutions have captivated the audience with astounding visuals and added more realism and spectacle to the concert."

About ITE

The Institute of Technical Education (ITE) is a post-secondary education institution established in 1992 under the Ministry of Education. As a principal provider of career and technical education, and a key developer of national occupational skills certification and standards, ITE's Mission is to create opportunities for students and adult learners to acquire skills, knowledge and values for employability and lifelong learning. ITE's Vision is to be A Trailblazer in Career and Technical Education. Our Values are Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence and Care. ITE comprises the ITE Headquarters and three ITE Colleges – College Central, College East and College West. Visit

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