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Stacking Frame | Christie - Audio Visual Solutions
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​The stacking frame is a single assembly that fastens to the bottom of the projector. The stacking frame can support up to three stacked projectors, in normal or inverted orientations.

It has pitch, roll and yaw adjustments to allow accurate alignment of the overlayed images.

Installation and adjustments can be done quickly and easily by one person.

For the E Series, this stacking frame needs to be used with the stacker plate.


  • Independent controls for adjusting pitch, yah and tilt for quicker and more accurate setup
  • Individual projector adjustments within a stack (up to 3 projectors high) – enabling modifications to a single projector without affecting the other connected projectors
  • Standard tubing (1.75 inch OD pipe) accommodates common burger and industry clamps
  • Design enables easy access to projector for installation, lamp/filter replacements and maintenance

Due to constant research, specifications and features are subject to change without notice.