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Christie Twist Image Warping & Blending Module108-104001-XX
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Christie Twist™ is a powerful and easy-to-use tool to manage complex arrayed projectors that allows users to expertly create seamless images on flat, curved or cylindrical surfaces.

Christie Twist is a dedicated, purpose-built hardware and software solution that enables full image warping and advanced edge-blending through the control of a powerful and easy-to-use Graphic User Interface. 

By manipulating geometry and blending, this powerful tool allows pixels to be mapped to virtually any projection surface with proper geometry and perfect pixel-to-pixel alignment.

Designed with end-user applications in mind, Christie Twist provides the ability to expertly edge-blend multiple curved images seamlessly, on all four sides, for up to 6 projectors. Users can precisely control multiple edge-blended images seamlessly and warp displays to virtually any projection surface – flat, curved or spherical screens.

The internal hardware module is integrated into the 10-bit image processing module.  Once the warping and blending grids are set for multiple projectors, the properties are stored on the projectors and on the  external PC.  Multiple blend and warp properties can be stored on the projectors – providing easy acc​ess and  immediate recall of settings.

Upgrade your cur​rent version of Christie Twist software to Christie Twist 2.4. Free download (valid partner login required) now available!

An optional upgrade, Christie Twist Pro software offers the following additional capabilities:

  • Single license of Christie Twist Pro supports an unlimited number of projectors per array
  • Allows an unlimited and arbitrary number of grid lines (up to and beyond a 10'x 10' warping grid) Advanced edge blending
  • Rotate and Flip capabilities
  • Gradient preview of edge blends
  • Brightness uniformity controller 


Christie Twist

  • Support for up to 6 projectors
  • Ethernet support
  • Auto detection of projectors
  • Copy and paste of warps
  • Naming of projector on preview screen
  • Projector summary table
  • Add, Delete, Copy and Paste of Warps, Blends and Masks
  • Layout Mode
  • Virtual Remote
  • Improved Auto-Blend functionality
  • Auto Save Add/Delete projectors
  • Select/Deselect all points or projectors
  • Test Pattern support including showing currently selected points Improved context menu

Upgrade to Christie Twist™ Pro

  • Support for any number of projectors
  • Brightness uniformity control
  • Rotate and Flip functionality
  • Warp maps are not limited to 10x10 grid
  • Advanced edge blending and blend masking
  • Projector control from Twist™ Pro user interface
  • Gradient preview of blend
Due to constant research, specifications and features are subject to change without notice.