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Christie® develops innovative cinema systems that enhance the cinema experience and deliver value to exhibitors. You will find details of our award-winning products including DCI-compliant cinema projectors, cinema loudspeakers, subwoofers, ceiling speakers, amplifiers, long-lasting cinema lamps, and cinema accessories here.

Cinema lenses

Light your screen with the right lens for your cinema projector

We usually cover the technology behind the lens, but the cinema lens is one of the most underrated heroes in image quality.

A vital part of the projector, a cinema lens works closely with the DLP® light engine to optimize the image that comes from this unique, extremely high-tech imaging system.

Each precision telecentric lens is made of many lens elements that are dust-sealed to efficiently take the image from within the DLP cinema projector and present it perfectly on your screen. With the right lens, you can make the image fit your screen and have options for higher contrast.

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