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SXGA+ DLP dual 180W lamp rear screen tiling projector | Christie Visual Solutions
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Your partner for high-performance video wall displays

You expect quality. You need an effective solution that works reliably 24/7, no questions asked. For more than 30 years, Christie has been manufacturing high performance rear projection video wall engines and display systems that allow you to maximize your efficiency and response time when monitoring or managing critical real-time information and situations.

Christie’s rear-screen video wall display projectors are the engines that drive high performance video walls. Our projectors are designed for new video wall systems, such as cubes or structures, and for upgrading existing video wall systems, without having to replace the entire system. Christie’s video wall projectors are purpose built for 24/7 data-monitoring environments and come in a wide range of resolutions and display sizes.

Purpose built for high performance

  • Ultra high contrast, view-ability and display performance
  • DLP® technology for best data and video imaging
  • Comprehensive color adjustment features for exact color matching between projectors
  • Integrated 6 axis adjustment system for precise geometry alignment
  • Numerous configuration options depending on resolution and brightness requirements
  • Multiple lens types to support various screen technologies, including large screen sizes
  • Hot swappable automatic lamp changer to minimize interruption upon a lamp failure
  • Specialty color and brightness management features for best matching across
    multiple displays
  • Built-in edge blending for seamless tiling applications
  • Accommodating display screen sizes ranging from 50" to 120"
  • Extensive and easy-to-use projector control capabilities
  • Constant diagnostic monitoring

Purpose built for overall low cost of ownership

  • Extremely long life lamps and a lamp redundancy feature save time and money
  • Extremely high system reliability (MTBF)
  • Modular design for minimal downtime if a repair is required
  • Designed for long-term use and performance. No need to replace in a few years
  • The best pro-rated lamp warranties – not only for the original lamps supplied, but also for replacement lamps

Purpose built for reliability

  • Utilizing the best technologies to ensure high reliability and long useful life
  • MTBF of over 63,000 hours (based on actual field results of earlier lower brightness version)
  • 1-chip DLP® technology offers superior images and long life stability
  • Dust-free sealed optics protect key optical components from even the smallest particles


Recommended application

  • Larger rear projection video walls with screen sizes from 67-120" diagonal, each at SXGA+ resolution


  • - Imaging: 1-chip DLP®
  • - Native resolution: SXGA+ (1400 x 1050)
  • - Illumination: dual (redundant) UHP (160/180W)


  • Standard
  • -5-BNC: RGBHV/YPbPr
  • -DVI-I (digital/analog, RGB/YPbPr, HDCP)
  • -Composite video, S-video
  • Scan rates
  • -Horizontal: 15-120kHz
  • -Vertical: 23.97-150Hz
  • -Pixel clock: 210 MHz
  • Expansion
  • -One expansion slot for adding input modules
  • Optional modules
  • -RGB 400 Active Loop-through input module
  • -Dual SD/HD-SDI input module
  • -DVI input module
  • Compatibility
  • -All Christie video wall controllers
  • -Compatible with VGA to QXGA
  • -Separate, composite sync and sync-on-green compatible, accepts composite video, S-video (Y/C), component video (YUV) and HDTV (YPbPr)
  • -Accepts and displays all currently known HDTV formats (1080i, 720p, 576i/p, 480i/p)

Output display

  • Compatibility: SXGA+ models can also operate in native SXGA mode


  • - Temperature range: 3200-9600K
  • - Processing: true 10-bit digital color processing • 13-bit color correction
  • - Adjustment and control: Comprehensive Color Adjustment (CCA™) for true color matching


  • - Lens types * : 0.69:1 and 1.2:1 low distortion, zero offset
  • - 50-100" diagonal (up to 120" diagonal for RPMSP-D180U with 1.2:1 lens)
  • - Brightness uniformity: 90% brightness uniformity control provides up to 100% uniformity capability for critical applications

* Nominal lens throw ratio shown. Actual throw distance may be within 5% of nominal value. Contact your Christie representative for details.

** For best long-term performance and reliability, Christie recommends that all electronic equipment, such as projection systems, are regularly operated at temperatures below 77°F (25ºC).


Due to constant research, speicifications and features are subject to change without notice 



SXGA+ DLP dual 180W lamp rear screen tiling projector | 102-023106-XX
SXGA+ DLP dual 180W lamp rear screen tiling projector | 102-023106-XX
SXGA+ DLP dual 180W lamp rear screen tiling projector | 102-023106-XX
SXGA+ DLP dual 180W lamp rear screen tiling projector | 102-023106-XX
SXGA+ DLP dual 180W lamp rear screen tiling projector | 102-023106-XX
SXGA+ DLP dual 180W lamp rear screen tiling projector | 102-023106-XX