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Christie’s Rigging Frame is used to safely secure a Roadie HD+35K, Roadie HD+30K, Roadie 25K or CP2000-X projection head (projector) for rigging or “flying” in a suspended installation, and/or for stacking 2 projectors together. Christie’s Rigging Frame should be used:

  • For any fork-lift transport of the projector.
  • For any rigging/flying/hoisting of the projector
  • For any stacking of two projectors. Do not mix models in a stack, as their exhaust flows are opposite to one another and may cause overheating.

When stacking, you must install a side-venting Side Offset Duct (available separately, Christie part# 108-100001) on the bottom unit. This directs hot exhaust air away from the top projector. Failure to use the duct will cause projector damage.

For more information regarding this rigging frame, or any other digital projection related questions, please contact your Christie Sales Manager.