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Small control room solutions

Arrange, view, and manage multiple sources in a more ergonomic workspace

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Video wall processors

Whether it’s mission-critical operations or monitoring sources for energy and utilities, your team needs to securely display, arrange, and operate multiple sources to make quick, informed decisions. And that’s where the new Christie® video wall processors come in.

With Christie Hedra, you get secure, real-time access to your data that you can control from virtually anywhere for seamless collaboration and sharing of critical information so you can make those decisions.

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Simplify your control room with Christie Hedra


Video wall processors for small control rooms

Smaller control rooms benefit from this powerful multi-view KVM to flexibly arrange, view, and manage up to 27 inputs, sources, and streams with latency-free operation. Operators can easily switch between different layouts or configurations working remotely or from a central interface, adapting your control room video wall to changing requirements and providing a tailored view of critical information.

Operator workspace consoles

Take control of your operator workspace using Hedra to consolidate multiple displays for better focus, workflow, and ergonomics.

With flexible, customizable layout options, you can stay focused on what matters as you easily switch sources without the extra keystrokes. Simply point your mouse to the source, and your keyboard follows.

Mobile command centers

When you need maximum visual output, but have minimum space, Hedra is your choice for secure control. This TAA-compliant control room solution is for mobile command centers, giving you access to your data with no latency. By consolidating displays, keyboards, and mice, the ergonomic design lets operators navigate sources with fewer movements.



Discover how Hedra empowers your control room

  • Secure: This TAA-compliant video wall processor features a robust Linux-based embedded hardware system
  • Responsive: Real-time architecture with ultra-low latency making frame rate loss almost negligible
  • High-quality video: hardware scaling with bilinear filter and excellent video and image processing capabilities ensures content displayed is crisp, vibrant, and true to the source.
  • User-friendly management software makes configuring and controlling your video wall easy with intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces, layout customization options, and scheduling features.
  • Freestyle Mode allows inputs to be freely overlapped, scaled, and positioned so you can customize your video wall.
  • Reliable with power redundancy capabilities for 24/7 operation, so you don’t have to worry about downtime in your control room.
  • On-board multi-view KVM functionality (on KVM models) lets users control and access video wall sources from a central workstation or multiple workstations for enhanced collaboration and convenience.

Hedra video wall processors in action at InfoComm 2023

What could you do with a control-room-in-a-box? Explore Christie Hedra with Bill Zhu


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