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CineLife+ Xe projectors

Future-proofed Xenon illumination technology

Our latest CineLife+ Xe cinema projectors are the only Xenon cinema projectors with Series 4 electronics, available on the market. Now, you can enjoy all the benefits of CineLife+ electronics with Xenon illumination. The known reliability, dependability, quality, and affordability of Christie Xenon projectors makes them a real contender for cinema projection as the industry recovers.

The new Xenon standard

CineLife+ Series Xenon projectors set a new standard for lamp-based illumination. You can expect the same performance specifications as their Solaria Series predecessors, but with the added benefits of CineLife+ processing electronics.

This means you can now employee RemoteUI, rental mode, electronic color convergence, LiteLOC, and all the other capabilities of CineLife+ with tried-and-true Xenon illumination.

The workhorse of cinema is back

Christie Xenon projection is built on a trusted illumination technology platform with proven reliability, low upfront cost, and well understood maintenance schedules.

Christie Xenon still lights an incredible number of screens: more than 60,000 around the world. The technology continues to maintain its position in the industry.

CineLife+ electronics makes Xenon a great option for years to come, until exhibitors are ready to transition to Real|Laser projectors.

Consistent brightness over a longer period of time

Consistent brightness over a longer period of time. Xenon projector lamp performance when operated in accordance with Christie lamp best practices.

2K and 4K options for 15,000 – 22,000 lumens

The suggested screen sizes for these projectors depends on the screen type, so we estimate that:

The new Xenon projectors achieve the cinema standard DCI-P3 color space and have a greater than 2,000:1 contrast ratio. High contrast lenses are available for all 3 of these projectors, capable of boosting contrast by 10-20%.

Easily maintain DCI brightness standards for years to come.

Easily maintain DCI brightness standards for years to come.

The native light spectrum closely replicates day light, giving it an accurate reproduction of natural colors

The native light spectrum closely replicates day light, giving it an accurate reproduction of natural colors

Fully backwards compatible

We ensured these new projectors are fully backwards compatible with existing Christie hardware such as pedestals, air filters, lenses, lamps, and other spare parts for maintenance. Will the projector need air extraction to the outside?

The CP2415-Xe can operate without auxiliary exhaust air extraction but has an option to use exhaust extraction if needed, however the CP2420-Xe and CP4420-Xe require exhaust extraction, like their Solaria Series predecessors.

Modern Xenon applications 

We keep the tried-and-true Xenon light source firmly in the modern age with our new brighter, longer-lasting Xenolite Ultimate Performance lamps and CineLife+ electronics platforms. Designed to be more optically efficient and require less filtering to achieve the DCI-P3 color space, cinemagoers get the flawless images they expect and love. 

Ultra performance lamps graphic

Christie CineLife+ Xe projectors

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