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Cinema 2 Min Read

The people who love cinema

October 26, 2023

Meet Chris Shu, senior marketing manager, Cinema

At Christie, we provide reliable, innovative, and high-quality cinema solutions to theatres around the world. From RGB pure laser projection to immersive sound, our technology delivers those cinematic moments that live on in our memories forever.

Behind the scenes is a group of employees who are dedicated to innovating and delivering best-in-class technology to enable the best on-screen experience for moviegoers. Put simply, these are the people who eat, breathe, and love cinema.

In this new series, we’ll meet some of the people who work on our Cinema team and discover why they love cinema and what it means to them.

Chris Shu headshot

Chris Shu is the senior global marketing manager, Cinema, at Christie. Chris’ favorite movie is Memento.

Who am I?

Chris Shu, senior global marketing manager, Cinema.

What is cinema to me?

To me, cinemas aren’t just movie theatres. Sure, they’re fun destinations on a Friday night with the latest blockbusters, but I’ve always seen them as something more. They’re safe havens that cultivate my imagination and allow my emotional boundaries to be pushed in ways I probably wouldn’t experience day-to-day. As a marketer who craves fresh ideas, new ways to tell more compelling stories and be more engaging with an audience, cinemas are where dreams come to life, and my reminder when I see mind-blowing plot twists that anything is still possible, even as an adult.

On a deeper level, cinemas are also like my time capsule. These stories I watch build a bridge to my memories, especially from my childhood. As I rewatch old films, whether on DVD, BluRay, 4K UHD, or any ‘Plus’ streaming service, I travel back in time to relive seeing them in a theatre for the first time, with people I’ve been able to share laughs, smiles, jump scares, or tears.

What do I like to watch?

I’m someone who loves just about every genre. I’ll watch both domestic and foreign films too, with subtitles – not dubbed. Once you experience watching movies created around the world, you’ll want to keep doing it, and if you haven’t then you’re missing out. It’s a level-unlock to see untold stories expressed in different ways. My guilty pleasures are murder mysteries and crime-thrillers. Despite being familiar with most of the tropes, there’s that bit of fun engagement in trying to solve a ‘whodunnit’ or ‘why they dunnit’ with the lead characters. My favorite movie is Memento.