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Christie DWU19-HS | Christie - Audio Visual Solutions
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Achieving 19,150 lumens of brightness and weighing less than 92lbs (41.6kg), the Christie® DWU19-HS has an excellendt lumen-to-weight ratio.

Your audience will enjoy incredible high brightness and WUXGA resolution, plus enhanced color performance—with deeper blacks and more natural and realistic onscreen visuals—thanks to our new Christie BoldColor+ technology. This powerhouse performance provides a viable alternative to similarly bright 3DLP® projectors.

With built-in Christie Twist, you can quickly and easily set up and align irregular screens and multi-projector displays. The option to add Christie Mystique automated camera-based alignment software lets you quickly stage, install, align, and recalibrate multi-projection systems in minutes.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the DWU19-HS comes with a 5-year warranty and it supports active and passive polarized 3D right out of the box.

Key features

  • Premium color – Christie BoldColor+ gives audiences enhanced color performance—with deeper blacks and more natural and realistic onscreen visuals.
  • High value, high performance – With a long-lasting and reliable laser light source, this 19,150-lumen WUXGA-resolution projector is a cost-effective option for high-use applications
  • Support for passive polarized 3D provides additional versatility
  • Warping and blending – Make setup even easier with proprietary Christie Twist built-in for quick and easy setup of multi-projector displays
  • RealBlack™ technology – Produces the deepest possible black on-screen by completely turning off the laser light when displaying black scenes. 
  • Compatible with Christie Mystique automated camera-based alignment and recalibration software that lets you quickly install, align, calibrate, and maintain multi-projection systems
  • Compatible with Christie Intelligent Camera (CIC) – Use CIC to trigger autofocus, automatically calibrate projector color, optimize color uniformity, and more
  • Compact form factor – Lightweight and with a small footprint, the new HS Series projectors are easy to ship, lift, and install
  • Quiet operation – As low as 35dBA*
  • Operate at full brightness on a single 110V circuit – Simply plug into a standard outlet and start the show!
  • Eco Mode – Reduces brightness to 50%, significantly extending the lifetime of your projector, and results in quieter operation
  • AMX and Crestron connectivity - For enhanced collaboration and easy integration into virtually any existing boardroom
  • Omnidirectional – Operates in any orientation for unlimited installation flexibility
  • Advanced electronics – Firmware updates take only minutes
  • Medical training capable – With DICOM simulation mode for advanced grayscale image reproduction, perfect for analyzing X-rays and medical scans for training purposes

* 35dBA in Eco2 mode (2x wheel speed) and 39dBA in standard mode (3x wheel speed).


TAA compliant logo

5 year warranty


We’re here to support your investment

Backed by Christie's industry-leading warranties, service, and support, you can feel confident investing in the Christie HS Series.
If you have any questions or want to speak to a Christie sales representative, please contact us.


Open a new world of projected color with Christie BoldColor and BoldColor technology


利用 Christie BoldColor 技术开启投影色彩新世界



ISO lumens


ANSI lumens

3 segment (RGB) - 3x speed

Color wheel

4,000,000:1* with Christie RealBlack™

Contrast ratio


Dynamic contrast

1 x 0.96" DMD

Display type

* Christie RealBlack disabled: 1,200:1



Christie D20WU-HS 1DLP laser projector | 140-063100-XX
Christie D20WU-HS 1DLP laser projector | 140-063100-XX

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