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Signal 2023

Experience the spectacle of projection mapping

Signal 2023

Prague, Czech Republic

October 12 - 15, 2023
Experience the spectacle of projection mapping

Behind some of the most jaw-dropping, reality-smashing spectacles, you'll find Christie® projection mapping solutions. That's why we're excited to head to Prague for Signal 2023.

Join us as international artists transform playgrounds into rainbows, churches into natural ecosystems, libraries into canvases for AI animations, and more! Signal Festival features the works of over 17 Czech and international artists across a 3 mile (5km) route through the city center and Karlín/Holešovice.

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Meet the team

Connect with members of our sales, marketing, and technical support teams while in Prague. They look forward to meeting with you and showing you some of our latest products and solutions to help you create your next immersive project.

Get in touch with us before the festival if you're interested in meeting with members of the team.

Joe Graziano, director sales, entertainment, EMEA

Joe Graziano, director sales, entertainment, EMEA

Pal Roppa, senior support engineer, enterprise, UK

Pal Roppa, senior support engineer, enterprise, UK

What can you expect to see at Signal 2023?

As you make plans to visit Prague, add these installations to your must-see list.

Façade of church at night lit up with projection mapping installation

Watch a church façade become a natural ecosystem

The iconic Church of Sts. Cyril and Methodius on Karlín Square is brought to life as the Japanese studio Flightgraf uses Christie M 4K25 RGB pure laser projectors to transform it into a resonating ecosystem of connections. Created especially for the festival, the projection explores how the natural and ritualistic processes so necessary for the balance of our lives.

Echo Flightgraf - Church of Sts. Cyril and Methodius Karlín/Holešovice

Explore the infinite possibilities of AI

László Nagy explores the infinite potential of AI to create captivating animations based on the visual qualities of symbols, text and ASCII characters. Using a Christie Griffyn® 4K50-RGB pure laser projector, the architecture of the building is transformed into a dynamic canvas, while programmed robotic lights extend the entire animation of the façade into space.

Luminary Glyphs, László Nagy - Municipal Library in Prague City Centre

Façade of building at night lit up with orange light and glyphs in projection mapping installation.
Silhouette of person in front of blue, red, and orange heat map projection mapping installation

Visualizing body temperature

Thermal Drift is an interactive installation that visualizes the radiation of our body temperature by using a thermal camera to detect heat, and a particle system to image movement. The playful installation mesmerizes visitors as they watch their body temperature paint their portrait and spread particles in vibrant colors with a Christie M 4K25 RGB pure laser projector.

Thermal Drift, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer - Primary School and Kindergarten at Lyčkovo Square Karlín/Holešovice

See playgrounds become rainbows

Experience the first installation designed especially for children visiting Signal Festival. Using 4K10-HS 1DLP® projectors, 3dsense invites visitors to explore through their small interactions that appeal to both children and adults as they freely wander through the installation space, letting themselves be carried away by their own space-time and fantasy world.

Signal Playground: Rainbow, 3dsense - Campus Hybernská City Center

Child stands in front of projection of rainbow coloured circles.

The smart tech behind the experience

Discover the Christie technology used by artists at Signal 2023.

An icon, re-imagined

A picture of the M 4K25 RGB pure laser projector

Go beyond what everyone believes is possible with the versatile and award-winning M 4K25 RGB pure laser projector. Featuring 25,300 lumens and an incredibly small form factor.

Prepare to be M-azed

Pure laser innovation

An image of the Griffyn 4K35-RGB pure laser projector

The highly advanced Griffyn Series is designed to deliver rich, bright colors for exceptional experiences in demanding large-venue applications on the ground or in the air.

Discover Griffyn Series

High performance 4K UHD

An image of the Christie 4K10-HS 1DLP laser projector

The 4K10-HS brings together the cost-savings of 1DLP technology, the long illumination performance of laser, and the image quality of 4K UHD resolution in a 10,000 lumen projector that won't blow your budget.

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Professional-grade 1DLP

An image of the Christie DWU1100-GS 1DLP laser projector

With 20,000 hours of low-cost operation, a compact footprint, quiet operation, and a full suite of interchangeable lenses, the DWU1100-GS 1DLP offers great performance and reliability in high-use environments.

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Discover the power of Christie RGB pure laser projection

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