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Solaria Series cinema projectors

Affordable digital projection. Natural color representation. Tried and true illumination.

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Solaria Series

The Christie® Solaria Series projectors offer 2K and 4K illumination for DCI-compliant digital cinema. The series sets the benchmark for Xenon based illumination and continues to run more than 65,000 theatres worldwide.

With upgradable resolution from 2K to 4K illumination kits on high brightness models, variable brightness with various lamp options, an open IMB slot compatible with most third-party manufacturers, and 3D or HFR capabilities, the Solaria Series presents customization options to fit your projection booth needs.

These cinema projectors achieve the P3 color spectrum and perfectly maintain DCI specifications when using a genuine Christie Xenolite® lamp. The Solaria Series projectors were designed with ease-of-use in mind. Lamp replacement, projection alignment, and user interface were all built for end-user intuition.

Serving all the requirements of modern-day cinema, while maintaining the lowest cost of ownership in its class, the Solaria Series continues to hold the top choice for cinemas until they are ready to make the transition to RGB laser.

Key features

  • Open IMB slot to fit your needs
  • High frame rate technology to compliment future technologies
  • DCI-compliant
  • Upgradable from 2K to 4K resolution for high brightness models
  • Lowest cost of ownership; lowest TCO in the industry when paired with Christie Ultimate Performance® Lamps
  • Uses the most reliable, and industry’s longest warrantied lamps

Christie Xenolite Cinema Lamps

Christie Xenolite Cinema Lamps


We drive cinema technology forward

Christie Solaria Series continues to outperform as the lowest cost of operation projector on the market. Now compatible with our new Ultimate Performance Xenolite lamps, the projectors outshine the competition with bulbs that last 20% longer. Contact our sales team and let them know your cinema requirements. We will have a competitive quote to you soon.

Easy onboarding with user-centric interface

We surveyed the industry and discovered the easiest way for new users to learn the Solaria software, then delivered it in the easiest to use Xenon illuminated machine on the market.

Lowest TCO of any Xenon projector

The Solaria Series brings foresight to the forefront as it weighs finances with experience. Therefore, we developed a lower wattage projector delivering a greater lumen count and a wider range of functionality to fit the needs of your cinema.

Small and silent

Solaria is meant to fit your cinema space despite odd angles and unique dimensions. Your audience won’t hear a thing, except what’s on the screen.


Whether you screen 2D or 3D content at 2K or 4K resolution, the Solaria Series offers the means to make it happen. If you are familiar with a specific IMB, the Solaria Series can support it. As modern cinema continues to expand its breadth of technology, the Solaria Series is ready to meet that demand with HFR capabilities.

Xenon illumination

A trusted and reliable source for displaying cinema content in natural colors

2K and 4K resolution

Upgradable options with specific models


Low energy consumption

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