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*This product is no longer available.

Spend time creating your digital display content, not
managing it

Arranging content in various shapes and resolutions on a large display wall isn't expensive or difficult any more! Well priced and well designed, Christie® JumpStart is a straightforward and robust content management solution for digital displays requiring up to six video inputs.

Packaged with a media server, Christie JumpStart content management solution lets you display multiple, high-bandwidth video files, graphics, Microsoft Windows applications, Blu-ray™ and DVD movies, color swatches and text on a five to 15 megapixel digital canvas.

Content management with Christie Jumpstart is an uncomplicated and time-saving process. You don't even need separate inputs to play back files or run applications.

It's easy to be creative...with Christie JumpStart

With Christie JumpStart, you have the creative freedom to make the most of your high resolution digital canvas with stunning graphics and video playback.

Focus on bringing your ideas to life, not on how the tool works:

  • Christie JumpStart has a simple, consistent front-end playback - what you see as you design, is what you get
  • Place and scale windows quickly and effortlessly anywhere on your canvas
  • Easily arrange content to play back on a timeline. Start and stop manually, or through serial over IP
  • Control Christie JumpStart locally or from a remote computer

The perfect companion for a Christie MicroTiles display

Christie JumpStart is designed to automatically recognize Christie MicroTiles® and optimizes the resolution of display canvas no matter the shape or cabling layout. The user interface smartly plots an exact representation of the Christie MicroTiles canvas, showing the location of each tile so you can intuitively place content onto your display.

Versatile content management software

Able to work with various shapes and independent, non-standard resolutions, Christie JumpStart lets you quickly and easily create a multimedia wall that is rich in content using any large-format digital display, including Christie Micr​oTiles, and our rear-projection and flat panel solutions.

Customized solutions

Working alongside our national dealer network, Christie's comprehensive services team will work with you to design, deploy and support a customized digital signage solution that's right for you and within your budget.




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