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Projector management

Save resources, time, effort and the cost of managing your projectors.

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Projector management

What do projector management systems offer?

  • Control, monitoring and management of projectors using a hosted web interface connected to the same network.
  • Access all projector menus through a projector Web Interface without disrupting the live presentation.

Christie’s projector management solutions

Christie® projectors can be controlled and monitored through a network or RS232 protocol (if supported).

Christie projector management solutions give you unprecedented connectivity options that make it easier and faster to maintain equipment and resolve projector issues over a network.

  • Christie Conductor – a projector control interface capable of controlling, monitoring and software management of 2–256 projectors on one screen.
  • Christie Projector Web UI – this user interface allows full control of a single projector through any browser.
  • Christie Virtual remote – an Android app that lets you control supported projectors out of IR range using a smartphone or tablet.
  • Simple Network Management Protocol™ (SNMP) – lets you remotely monitor a Christie projector and get status changes on various parameters. In addition to offering a hosted HTML Web interface, most Christie projectors support SNMP.

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