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Energy and utilities

As the flow of resources gets more complex, energy companies need to consider another flow – the flow of information. Large video walls are ideal for information sharing - especially in operations centers that oversee resources, power and utility generation, transmission and distribution.  

The master control room can be a demanding environment. Companies must manage their resources carefully to minimize costly disruptions to production and service. This requires the assimilation of data from multiple sources to ensure accurate, usable information. The team in your operations center needs clear information to make real-time informed decisions on critical issues – ensuring consistent and uninterrupted service for your customers.

With more than 30 years experience in designing and implementing control room displays for information-intensive industries, Christie® has the expertise and the technology needed for operations center design. We offer an extensive range of high-performance video wall displays and integrated content and image processing solutions.

Our purpose-built systems can be integrated with your existing hardware and software infrastructure, letting you capture and analyze real-time data from multiple inputs in multiple formats and make time-critical decisions with confidence. A Christie video wall can increase the efficiency and productivity of your team by ensuring accurate, timely information for engineers, technicians and analysts. Talk to us and we’ll help you choose a solution that’s right for your center.

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